Mum Has The BIRTH FROM HELL In Flooded Area Near The M6

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Hannah and Joel Rowlinson had no idea of what was to come when Hannah went into labour with their second child on October 24th, having had no issues with the birth of their two-year-old Sebastian, they expected this birth to go just as smoothly.

Hannah was six days late at the time she went into labour, but her contractions would continue slowly over the following 48 hours. She had received a phone call from their local hospital warning her that they were so busy that the midwife they had been told to expect could no longer make it and therefore she needed to come into the hospital to be treated. Soon after, however, the couple received an additional phone call from the hospital, this time, telling them there were, in fact, no beds available at the hospital and as a result, they would have to go to Royal Stoke Hospital instead, which was a 45-minute drive from their family home in Holmes Chapel.

Mum Gives Birth At 90MPH
Mum Hannah With Son Sebastian and Newborn Daughter Viola. Image Credits: SWNS

After getting on the move to go to the hospital, the couple was hit by heavy traffic, as a result of the widespread flooding impacting the region, with additional reports that there was also a dog loose on the road. It was at this point that Hannah realised that the birth of their child was imminent, forcing her partner Joel to desperately resort to a back lane in the hope of dodging motorway traffic, however to their dismay they were not alone in such an idea, and the back road was equally busy, meaning Hannah’s mum, who was travelling with the couple to the hospital, to make the 999 call.

The family managed to pull into a residential estate in Sandbach, at which point the phone operator began guiding them through the process of preparing for the birth. Hannah’s mum then also managed to flag down a motorcycle police unit, which proceeded to secure the area as well as ask locals if they had any towels that could be used to help in the birth.

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Thankfully, soon after, paramedics arrived at the scene and 7 minutes after getting into the ambulance the baby arrived. Speaking about the birth, Hannah said “Yes, it was not the birth I was expecting but everyone was so incredible. There are things in your life that will stick with you forever and this is definitely one of them. I don’t have words to describe how grateful I am. I will never forget those two paramedics. Sometimes things don’t go to plan, but who needs a plan when you have Gary and Dave?”

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