Mums in OUTRAGE at SHOCKING Pregnancy Reveal


A mother-to-be is being heavily criticised after having put a used pregnancy test onto an announcement cake.

The cake, which read “we’re pregnant” featured the pregnancy test as a decoration on the top, with the test clearly reading positive. As a result, many have been disgusted by the idea that someone could put a used test kit on top of the cake (baring in mind, a test has to be urinated on in order to get this result). The idea that someone’s urine is touching a cake intended to be eaten, has been described as “unhygienic”, “uncomfortable and unappetising”.

After sharing the image of the cake on their Facebook page, a cake shaming group received over 1000 likes and 400 comments, the majority of the comments can be summed up by one viewer, who stated “I don’t care if you put the lid back on it...don’t stick something you peed on, on a cake! That should not have to be said!”

There was, however, a counter-argument suggested by some, that rather than the actual test it was, in fact, a test made from fondant. This idea was clearly used by some as a way of forgetting the actual (rather gruesome) truth, with one person saying “A malformed fondant pregnancy test would be better” and another responding with “Maybe the pregnancy test is just very realistic fondant? Somehow I doubt that though.”

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An unexpected revelation that came from the post, was the general consensus against pregnancy reveal cakes as a whole. With many arguing that the concept is ‘dated’, with one commenter saying “I hate that ‘we’ sh*t. [It should be] SHE’S pregnant [or] WE are going to have a baby” with another saying they’re bothered by people saying ‘we’re pregnant’, rather than ‘I'm/She’s pregnant’ when referring to a couple in which only one person is carrying the child. This kind of response could, therefore, mean that the era of the cake reveal is over.

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