3-Day-Old Baby Found BURIED ALIVE in Clay Pot

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A newborn baby girl has been found alive in a clay pot buried 3 feet underground in India. When she was found, the baby weighed a mere 2.5lbs and was struggling to breathe and as a result, was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Dr Saurabh Anjan, the paediatrician looking after the child, said the infant was lucky to be alive since “Premature babies often need less oxygen to survive” and stated that “she is truly a fighter”. Currently, the child is being treated for hypothermia and a chest infection, which could be considered a lucky escape as her platelet count when she reached the hospital was 10,000 (where the normal range is 150,000). Some doctors currently believe the only reason the child survived was due to the amount of oxygen she received through the freshly dug soil above where she was buried.


The baby was found when labourers, digging a grave for a family burying their stillborn child, hit the pot in which she was left. Hitesh Kumar, the father of the stillborn whose grave was being dug, recounts “Suddenly a labourer’s spade hit a pot. It was kept in a bag. When they took the bag out, they found a baby wrapped in a cloth. She was alive and crying”.

Mr Kumar and his wife are now hoping to adopt the child, believing that their daughter, who was stillborn, has returned to them in another form. They intend on approaching the Child Welfare Committee once the child is well enough and ready to be taken home, however, on arrival at the hospital it is thought the child was only three days old, and consequently, it could be some time before the child is healthy enough to be discharged from NICU.

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