Doctor Didn't Realise Baby Was DISABLED

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A mum in Portugal has been left furious at her obstetrician after he failed to acknowledge a number of visible disabilities on her child that could be seen via her ultrasounds.

Parents Marlene Simão and David Ribiero were left stunned after finding out their son, Rodrigo, was severely disabled, as their obstetrician, Dr Artur Carvalho, had repeatedly assured the couple that their son was perfectly normal and healthy. The child was born in Setúbal, 20 miles south of Lisbon, on October 7, with his eyes, nose, and part of his skull missing.

Obstetrician missed that baby was disabled
Parents Marlene Simão and David Ribiero. Photo Credits:Facebook

Before the birth, Carvalho had performed three separate ultrasounds on the baby, and on each occasion had insisted the baby was healthy and no abnormalities were found, however, Marlene decided to have a 5-D Scan under a different doctor, where you can see the individual features of a baby. The results of which, pointed towards the existence of a defect of the baby’s face. In a confrontation with Carvalho regarding this conflicting result, Carvalho attempted to uphold his case by arguing that the scans were inaccurate, and in fact, the baby was perfect.


After the child was born, the family complained to the Portuguese Prosecutors Office, which resulted in a case being opened into Carvalho, which added to the four previous investigations opened by the office about similar cases, including one case in 2011 in which a baby girl was born without a chin, with inverted legs, toes fused together and severe brain injuries. In addition to these cases, there are also another six active disciplinary hearings open in regards to Carvalho, not including Rodrigo’s case, with another five having been closed that date back to 2007.

Despite being told by medics that the infant may not live more than a few hours, two weeks after his birth, baby Rodrigo is still alive and able to breathe independently and is feeding from a bottle. Mother Marlene has refused to leave the newborn’s side since birth, however, the child is, according to medics, losing weight every day, meaning the amount of time the couple get with their son still hangs in the balance.

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