‘Mansplaining’ And Why Mums Can Pay $2000 to Experience It

by Robert Dunne

Ok, so, the first question on everyone’s lips is definitely going to be ‘what the hell is mansplaining?’. Putting it simply, you know when your husband comes up to you and says that typical sentence of ‘oh, I bet pregnancy isn’t that bad’ or ‘come on period pain isn’t that bad I’m sure I can handle it’, or just men talking to you like they think you’re an idiot... that’s it. That’s ‘mansplaining’. In general, imagine anything your man says when either they think they’re right, when in fact their idea is completely wrong, or where they tell you something but in a completely sarcastic and condescending way unnecessarily, and you’ve found yourself an unfortunate victim to the wonderful world of mansplaining.

Honestly, I can’t deny doing some research before writing this, but to be honest, the idea that someone is trying to profit out of the concept baffled me like little else I’ve ever encountered, because yes, there genuinely is going to be a convention surrounding this male flaw and yes it will set you back a whopping $2000 if you want to go, so you would be perfectly valid if the next thing you would want to say is simply ‘what the fuck are they thinking?’. To be perfectly honest I could never give you a reason as to why this decision has been made, so let me give you what they have said to be their reasoning, they said the convention is to...wait for it “make women great again”, yes they’ve taken a leaf out of Trump’s book with the phrase, and to be honest, many would agree if I said its equally as moronic. There’s even a trailer for the event if you want some mental preparation for your bank-breaking torture session.

“To create positive media for women, make women great again, and to help supercharge your personal growth on the path to becoming your very own ideal woman.” these are the words used by the creators of the event, 21 Studios, to describe the aims of the event. The event is promoting learning areas such as ‘Femininity > Feminism’, ‘The War on Motherhood’ and ‘Beauty And The Obesity’, making claims such as “women have been lied to about body positivity” and “ ‘Single Parenthood’ of any kind is just another way of saying ‘Broken Family’” and I know many will agree with me if I were to say that these claims simply aren’t true and very controversial.


To summarise, this event manages to promote insecurity, which clearly is absurd, and that’s topped by the fact they expect you to pay $2000 to have your flaws pointed out. The event is being held in Orlando, so trust me when I say there are better things out there to do, take Disney World or Harry Potter World, both of which make you feel magical rather than miserable and also will set you back less depending on when you book, so why not experience the magic instead of the simply moronic.

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Written by

Robert Dunne

Junior Content Writer
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