Mum Gives Birth In Nightclub…Baby Gets FREE LIFETIME ACCESS!

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A teenager in France has given birth to a baby whilst partying in a local nightclub, and the owner has given the baby free lifetime access (permitting she is old enough to enter).

O'Club Toulouse
The O'Club, Toulouse. Image Credits: CEN

The birth occurred at the O’Club in Toulouse, where an unidentified 19-year old suddenly went into labour on the dance floor. Speaking to local media, nightclub manager Marie-Helene explained “It was 5:30 am, when we closed. There were not many people and a bouncer came to see me. He said ‘it’s urgent’. Then I saw that she was giving birth.”. Bouncers had seen the young woman lying down amongst other clubbers, at which point they realised she was in labour and contacted the ambulance service.

“We had to react quickly. An employee was on the phone with the emergency services who told us what to do.”. Said Marie-Helene. The girl had gone to the nightclub due to a need for a “change of scene due to personal problems”, and having gone out with friends she did not consume any alcohol.


It has since been reported that both mother and child are healthy, however, the gender of the baby remains unknown, as does the identity of the mother. As a result of the successful birth, the baby, once it is old enough, will be given free lifetime access to the club, as a reminder of where they were born.

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