Mum Opens Up On Life With 'CHINA DOLL' CHILD

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A couple has been left having to handle their newborn as if they were a “china doll” after it was discovered that their baby daughter had a serious case of the brittle bones disease.

Baby Mya, who is now only five months old, was found to have the disease, known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta or 'Brittle Bones' after medics noticed the child had broken her femur whilst in the womb. After realising Mya’s condition, doctors decided the best course of action would be to deliver her by a caesarean section, which was successful. According to mum Emma “because of the scan results, they wanted to ensure she was born via caesarean because it can be more traumatic to have a natural birth for a baby with soft bones.”.

China Doll Baby
Baby Mya. Image Credits: SWNS

After being born on 13th May at 5lbs 15oz at Hull Royal Infirmary, it took three days for Mya’s parents to receive the official diagnosis of Brittle Bones. Mya was kept for a week in the neonatal transitional unit at the infirmary, before finally being allowed to go home with her family.

After eventually being able to take her child home, mum Emma took the opportunity to share her thoughts on life with her newborn, as well as explain how she wants to use her experience with the disease to help others, saying “She’s like a china doll - she’s so fragile. [...] Any time you hold her, you could break a bone. If she sneezes, coughs or giggles she could break a bone - it’s frightening. We can’t wrap her in cotton wool though. [...] I want to raise awareness. There are so many people with OI that lead amazing lives”.


Baby Mya is still yet to be out of the woods, however, as the child will need constant bone infusion treatment, as well as needing metal rods put into her legs to enable her to walk. Despite this, Emma remains optimistic, saying “Whatever life throws at Mya we’ll be there for her and we’ll get through it. We’re determined to give her an incredible life”.

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