Our Top Five Toddler Advent Calendars 2020

by Laura Driver

Take a look at our top five advent calendars for toddlers! They fly off the shelves and are sold out before the end of November so if you want to make sure your little one has the best Advent Calendar, it’s worth buying now.

From Peppa Pig to a personalised Christmas truck there’s something for everyone;

Playmobil 123 - Christmas in the Forest

Perfect for toddlers this Christmas in the forest has figures, animals and accessories behind every door

Buy at Amazon - £28.30 - https://amzn.to/32qV5PN

Peppa Pig Advent Calendar

Peppa Pig Advent Calendar

Behind each door of this Peppa Pig Advent Calendar, kids will find a surprise toy including Peppa, George and their friends, and even Father Christmas himself!

Buy at Very - £19.99 - https://tidd.ly/35i0aLS

Dinosaur Adventure Advent Calendar

Dinosaur Adventure Advent Calendar

Every dinosaurs dream… 24 dinos to countdown to Christmas with!

Buy at Amazon - £19.95 - https://amzn.to/35lfDv3

Hand Painted Christmas Truck Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

Hand Painted Christmas Truck Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

This Christmas truck, featuring Santa, a Snowman, rolling wheels and 24 drawers will become a cherished part of your Christmas tradition. It can be personalised too!

Buy at Etsy - £57.08 - https://tidd.ly/3liKZYv

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

What child doesn’t love Play-Doh?! From stamps to moulds, behind each door hides a gift that’ll add even more fun!

Buy at Amazon - £15.60 - https://amzn.to/35e22FI

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Written by

Laura Driver

Blogger & Social Media Manager
Laura lives in Yorkshire, UK with her two teenage children. When they were little (and definitely not taller than her) she used to blog avidly about the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Laura is no stranger to all the joys small children can bring; sleepless nights, a random public meltdown or a spectacular poonami. She fondly remembers the time her youngest child rolled across a supermarket carpark in a trolley while she was putting her eldest child in the car and the time her, then, three year old took up swearing at a church event. Laura has worked for Your Baby Club, as a Social Media Manager, since 2014.

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