Three Girls Under Three

by Alice Howells

3 Girls under 3.

Yes, you read that right, we must be crazy and NOPE they aren’t triplets or twins.

Scarlett was born August 2018, Matilda came along in March 2020 and we are expecting our third little girl at the End of March 2021.

This pregnancy came as a shock to both myself and my husband, I was taking the pill and had no symptoms until I went to the doctor with cramping which I thought was my Ulcerative Colitis flaring, but to my shock, my GP sent me to A&E where they then admitted me to the Early Pregnancy Unit, which I then found out that I was 11+4 weeks.


After getting over the news, and having the most surreal weeks that followed, we talked and decided that this is another little life that we have been blessed with to bring into this world.

But who would have thought that our little surprise would turn out to be our third little girlie. Which we always knew deep down that baby would be a girl so that wasn’t much of a shock, plus we make really cute girls.

My poor Hubby for when they are all teenagers, together, that is not going to be fun. But all jokes aside we are both very excited, and although Matilda will only just be 1 year old when baby joins us, we are hoping that the three of them will be the best of friends and that they will always have each other’s backs.

Don’t get me wrong I understand that it’s going to be tough, Scarlett’s only 2 she still needs a lot of attention and I am worried that she may rebel that she now has to share more of me with her other siblings, but I am planning on making sure that she feels involved and know how loved she is. As for Matilda, she has so much growing up to do, but she is the most chilled out baby’s I know and I am hoping that that won’t change too much when baby arrives.


At the moment having 2 children so young and being pregnant isn’t too easy, I get tired and ache, but they have both been so good I couldn’t ask for anything else from too young children.

They have both started playing more and Matilda is trying so hard to interact with her older sister and that is so cute to watch. But it does feel like she is growing up too quickly and that she will be a toddler before I know it.

I know that I haven’t got all of the answers right now as to how we are going to handle having 3 under 3, but together it will work out.

Check back in April to find out how it’s all going.

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Written by

Alice Howells

Blogger, Childcarer and Mum of Two
Hello, I’m Alice, I’m 28 years old and a Mummy to, two beautiful girlies. Scarlett is 2 and very energetic and Matilda has just turned 6 months, but she already has such a character. I got married in 2017 and Scarlett arrived in 2018, we didn’t hang around!! Both of my pregnancies have been high risk, due to medical conditions. I have also work in childcare for the past 10 years, which has come in handy with my own daughters. I enjoy reading and love a romance or fantasy book. We have 2 cats, 6 chickens, a cockerel and 2 ducks, we live in the country and love being outdoors. As a family we love days out and visiting farms, soft play and the zoo. I love giving guidance and support for family and friends, whether it be for help with a baby purchase, milestones or a general chat.

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