What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

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Preparing for your stay in hospital when you’re about to give birth to your perfect little baby, is an exciting time, much like packing for a holiday (except holidays do not involve squeezing a human head through your pelvis, okay poor analogy - sorry!), Packing for the big day can be exciting though, after all, you’re on the home stretch. As you enter your third trimester, it would be a good idea to start thinking about what you’re going to need, want, and all the ‘just in case’ items to pack, ready for the moment your baby arrives in this world.

You can start packing your hospital bag whenever you want to, but it’s a good idea to have your bag ready from 34-weeks onwards.

If you’re feeling totally clueless about what you need to pack, try not to worry. Here’s what you should think about adding to your bag:

For Mum - Labour and Delivery

☐ Maternity notes

☐ Lightweight dressing gown

☐ Socks

☐ Slippers & flip-flops/sandals

☐ Lip balm

☐ Massage oil/body lotion

☐ Water spray & sponge or fan

☐ Own pillow(s)

☐ Books/magazines/movies on tablet

☐ Eye mask & earplugs

☐ Spare clothes & underwear

Enough for about 2 days

For Mum - After Delivery

☐ Nightdress or oversized T-shirt and comfy shorts

☐ Maternity pads/pants

☐ Nursing bras & breast pads

☐ Toiletries including toothbrush and toothpaste

☐ Glasses/contact lenses

☐ Phone & charger

☐ Snacks & drinks

☐ Comfy clothes to wear home & shoes

For Birthing Partner

☐ Snacks & water

☐ Phone/camera/video camera (plus chargers and batteries)

☐ Spare clothes and underwear

☐ Toiletries including toothbrush

☐ Small pillow

☐ Entertainment

☐ Cash (for vending machines/on-site cafe)

For Baby

☐ Babygrows

☐ Muslin cloths & bibs

☐ Socks, scratch mittens & booties

☐ Blanket/ swaddle

☐ Nappies & nappy bags

☐ Wet bag for dirty clothes

☐ Wipes

☐ Vests, shorts/leggings, jumpers, dresses

☐ Going home outfit

☐ Hats

☐ Ready-made formula bottles if bottle feeding

☐ Any colostrum you may have harvested (in a cool bag with ice packs)

☐ Car Seat/carrier

Once you’ve got these essentials together, make sure to choose a bag that is not too bulky, but allows easy access without having to rummage around trying to find a pot of nappy cream or a clean pair of knickers you’d rolled up in the bottom.

A great tip would be to group things in little zip seal bags, or luggage organisers, keeping all your toiletries in a separate toiletry bag to things for baby, your clothes separate from baby’s, as well as a spare bag for any dirties ready for the wash when you get home.


Remember to label each bag too, so your partner or midwife can help you with getting things.

You could also pack an extra bag of another days' worth of clothes for you, your partner and your baby and leave it in the car just in case you need to stay a little longer than expected. This will save your partner from needing to drive home and back again, particularly if you don't live that close to where you are giving birth.

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