Your Pregnancy at Week 11

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Your rapidly growing baby is now 4cm in length and weighs in at 7grams. Still tiny but so many amazing things make up this tiny human. Taste Buds are in place along with the fingers, nails, toes, hair follicles and facial features starting to take shape. If it’s a girl, her ovaries will be forming now. The baby will also have visible nipples, open nasal passages at the end of the nose and a tongue. Baby is also taking on the recommendation for lots of exercise, and is busy kicking and skipping away in there! In a few weeks time, you will be able to feel all the action!

Baby’s skin is still transparent so if you were able to have a sneaky peak you would see the little heart beating away at twice the rate of your own. This will slow down over time but for now, there is lots of work to do so lots of beating of the tiny heart.

Oh No! Have all those pregnancy symptoms well and truly kicked in? Hang in there for most people by this point the end is in sight as by 12 -13 weeks, once the placenta takes over, you will start to feel a whole heap better.

For anyone suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme pregnancy sickness), you may want to check out This is a charity that supports women through pregnancy with lots of helpful hints and tips.

Finding yourself eating for two? After all those years of watching what you eat it can be really tempting to just let rip. However, it is worth keeping in mind that you only really need around 300 additional calories per day in the last three months of pregnancy. So go easy on the extra food and choose those extra calories wisely.


The amount of weight a woman gains in pregnancy can vary but on average is between 22 to 26lb. The majority of this weight is down to your growing baby and the placenta. However, in preparation for breastfeeding your body is also storing fat ready for milk production, so don’t be alarmed when you step on the scales.

Remember to check out our what to eat guide if you are unsure about nutrition in pregnancy.

If you are still feeling tired with all this baby growing try to have an afternoon nap (if work allows) or catch a few z’s when you get home. Just make sure your partner wakes you up after an hour or you will likely be up all night!

Click here for Week 12, the end of your first trimester!

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