Your Pregnancy at Week 24

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Pretty as a picture your baby’s face is just about fully formed getting ready for all those photographs to give to Grandma & Grandpa!

Continuing to grow your little one is gaining around 3-4 ounces a week and is around a foot long now. With each ounce, her body is filling out as she takes in all those precious nutrients that you are giving her through the umbilical cord. She is tasting more and more as her taste buds get more and more sensitive.

At 24 weeks gestation, although your baby would be tiny, should she be born now she has reached the point of viability and would be cared for in the newborn unit on a ventilator. In preparation for the outside world, her lungs are getting stronger and stronger. As they mature a substance called surfactant is appearing which keeps the alveoli (tiny air sacs) open as she practices breathing in and out.


One thing you may be experiencing at this point in the pregnancy is a level of numbness or tingling in your fingers and wrists, this sensation is called carpal tunnel syndrome. This occurs when the fluid causing swelling in your lower extremities is redistributed when you begin lying down. This redistribution puts pressure on your nerves going through your wrist, causing the sensation of numbness and tingling in your wrists, hands and fingers, and can also take the form of pain or a dull ache.

A final odd but equally unpleasant symptom you may be experiencing at this stage is itchy, red palms. This is a completely normal symptom this far into the pregnancy, but do mention it to your doctor as it can also be a sign of certain rare complications. You can tackle this itching by soaking the parts that are affected in cold water or using an ice pack, it is also recommended that you avoid long hot showers or baths as this can aggravate the itching.

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