Your Pregnancy at Week 27

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Be thankful for any pregnancy glow you are experiencing (sorry to all those Mums out there that feel they are far from glowing!) Over the coming weeks you may find some of those early symptoms return as everything starts to get just a little bit squished.

Sleep may be starting to be disturbed as you struggle to get comfortable. Women are now advised to avoid sleeping on your back as this can increase the risk of stillbirth. The optimum position is to sleep on your left hand side to increase the level of oxygen and nutrients that reach the baby. If you find that you can only sleep on your right hand side this is considered safer than sleeping on your back.


TOP TIP: Try changing the side of the bed you sleep on as you may find it easier to sleep facing away from your partner!!

A major milestone for your baby is reached during this time in the pregnancy, they can now begin to recognise voices. At this point their ears and hearing have matured to a point where they are able to identify some voices, or at least some slightly muffled equivalents of your voices that they hear through the various layers covering them at this stage, so it’s time to whip out those nursery rhymes, stories and what not and get memorising them ready for when they are the only songs you hear for the first few years of parenthood!

A slightly less happy you may be beginning to experience at this stage is some swelling around some of your extremities (ankles, feet and hands) otherwise called an edema. These occur due to fluid build up in tissue as a result of your increased blood flow and pressure from your uterus. Although it is normally nothing to worry about, if the swelling is excessive, talk to your doctor as it may be a sign of preeclampsia. You can get some relief from the swelling by trying some light exercise such as walking, and avoiding sitting or standing for too long.

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