Your Pregnancy at Week 32

by Your Baby Club

Hopefully your baby is planning on entering the world headfirst and will be starting to head down into the pelvis. This is known as a Cephalic Presentation.

Don’t worry if your baby is still pointing towards the stars – there is plenty of room for changing position yet despite the ever-shrinking amount of space left in your uterus thanks to how much your little one is growing.

At around the 42cm mark and weighing 1.7kg your baby is growing at a rapid rate – ready for all those cute baby clothes you have bought!

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One thing you may begin to notice at this point is the emergence of Braxton hicks contractions, these are nothing to worry about, and are merely ‘practice contractions’ as your body gets ready for your big day, these contractions will increase in frequency the nearer you get to your due date. To stop feeling these contractions, simply move or change position, so if you are sitting, stand, if you’re lying down, sit up, and so on. This is also a great way of identifying the difference between these contractions and contractions you feel during labour.

Another thing that has started is your baby is now having regular sleep cycles, this is to help them build up strength ready for their big day where they enter the world.

Something to try at this point in the pregnancy would be increasing your snack intake. As your uterus takes up more space, many find their appetite to be very reduced, however by having small regular snacks you can help keep yourself energised as well as reducing the risk of feeling dizzy or feint that can also happen at this stage in the pregnancy, so always try to make sure to have a snack on you in case.

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