10 Best Baby Shampoos

As babies have very delicate skin, it’s crucial that the toiletries you choose for them are gentle and have been formulated especially for babies. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about bathing your baby, as well as 10 of the best baby shampoos on the market right now.

How Often Should I Bathe My Baby?

In the first few weeks it's recommended to bathe your baby just once a week. This is with plain water, so you don’t remove any of the natural oils from their skin. Between baths, you can clean your baby with warm water and either cotton wool or a soft washcloth.

After the first month or so, you may up their baths to a few times a week. Gentle baby wash, and shampoos can be used at this point.

Why Do I Need Specifically Formulated Products?

When choosing baby toiletries, it’s crucial you use products that have been specifically formulated for babies. Some things to bear in mind include the following:

  • Choose products carefully - A baby’s skin is around 30% thinner than ours, so it needs to be handled with more care. Choose products that have been developed to protect the natural skin PH balance and maintain their skin's protective layer.
  • Do not use adult toiletries- Although it may be tempting to use what you already have at home, babies' skin will react differently to ours. They’ll likely be too harsh for your baby's skin and may cause irritation or reactions.
  • Check the label - The label should always specify that the product is suitable for babies. They should be soap and alcohol-free with little to no fragrance.
  • Patch test - If in doubt, do a patch test. If you’re unsure about trying out a new product on your baby's skin (particularly if they’re sensitive or eczema prone), a patch test monitored for 24 hours is crucial.

So with that information in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best baby shampoos on the market right now:

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Best Baby Shampoos

My Little Coco coconut smoothie shampoo

Buy it here: https://tidd.ly/3DXFPMM

Fronted by Rochelle Humes, My Little Coco is an incredible brand designed specifically for curly hair. Enriched with nourishing organic coconut oil, this baby shampoo contains no nasties and has been paediatrician approved. Its formula is free of sulphates, parabens and has been deemed suitable for sensitive skin. Gently scented, this is a great choice for those with beautiful curly locks.

Aveeno baby daily care 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner

Buy it here: https://tidd.ly/3KIfEx7

This 2-in-1 formula from Aveeno gently cleanses and moisturises the scalp. Suitable for sensitive skin, this mild shampoo can be used daily if necessary. It's lightly scented, sulphate and paraben free and great for smoothing your young ones' tresses.

Johnson's baby shampoo

Buy it here: https://tidd.ly/3QERwPL

This classic from Johnson’s is great for babies and children. Ideal if you’re bathing multiple at a time! Its gentle formula has been specifically designed for over 125 years to provide babies and children with the best toiletry care. The ‘no more tears’ formula makes it a firm favourite in a number of households. Free from parabens, dyes and sulphates, it’s easy to see why Johnsons is a family favourite.

Burt’s Bees baby bee shampoo and wash

Buy it here: https://tidd.ly/45MbdK3

Nurture your baby's skin with Burts Bee’s and their 98.9% natural-origin baby products. This tear-free formulation shampoo is also free of dyes, parabens or SLS. It’s even been scientifically proven to be okay for daily use if required. The plant-based formula contains soy proteins to leave the baby's scalp and body smooth and polished.

Child’s Farm baby shampoo

Buy it here: https://tidd.ly/45uHZ2a

Award-winning Child’s Farm is another firm favourite in family households. Their baby shampoo contains natural-origin cleansing agents to gently clean the baby’s hair whilst moisturising the scalp. All without causing irritation. Suitable from birth, this shampoo is one of only a few which is totally fragrance-free. It’s paediatrician approved and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

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Weleda Calendula shampoo & body wash

Buy it here: https://tidd.ly/45pEZUz

Developed by midwives and pharmacists, Weleda is a renowned brand when it comes to baby skincare and toiletries. This gentle wash protects the natural oils in your baby’s skin. Containing organic calendula extract, this shampoo gently lifts dirt and cleanses the scalp and hair, leaving your baby’s skin nurtured and moisturised.

Johnson’s baby bedtime shampoo

Buy it here: https://tidd.ly/448IdLg

Similar to Johnson’s baby shampoo mentioned previously, this particular product has been formulated with bedtime in mind. It contains Johnson’s soothing ‘NaturalCalm’ essences making it the perfect addition to your little one's bedtime routine. The lavender scent is sure to help your baby drift off into slumber.

Child’s Farm shampoo bar

Buy it here: https://tidd.ly/45qe8aW

Combine the element of sustainability with suitability in the form of this shampoo bar from Child’s Farm. Its soap-free formulation has been specifically developed for the most sensitive skin. Much like the liquid alternative, this shampoo bar is made with natural-origin cleansing agents to gently clean and detangle the hair. It will be left soft and smooth, along with the summery scent of strawberries and mint.

Nala’s Baby body wash & shampoo

Buy it here: https://tidd.ly/44puHmF

This fragrance-free formula is suitable for sensitive skin and those prone to eczema. It’s fragrance-free and is both paediatrician and dermatologically-approved. This 99% natural body wash and shampoo is a great choice for newborns.

Green People baby wash and shampoo

Buy it here: https://amzn.to/448Itdc

This certified organic wash and shampoo is perfect for babies, toddlers and children. It’s a gentle formula containing aloe vera and chamomile to gently soothe young, sensitive skin. With a light lavender scent, it’s a good one to use as part of your baby’s bedtime routine.

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