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The personalised community experience for new and expectant parents.

Your Baby Club is here for every journey. But what does that mean?

One of the challenges of new parenthood is having to pick your way through endless advice and tips from millions of sources, all telling you the way your pregnancy should be going, how your newborn should be behaving and what brands you should be choosing.

About Us
About Us
About Us

But this is real life. Where you might be trying to prepare mentally and physically for labour, having trouble getting your baby to sleep, feed or toilet train, where you might suddenly have a picky eater on your hands or where you doubt whether your experiences are 'normal'.

That's why our community exists: to be there for your journey.

We aim to be the leading digital community for new and expectant parents.

You're in control

Our platform brings together the best parent and baby offers, promotions, discounts and competitions, all in one place and personalised for you. We give you the chance to choose exactly what you like and who you want to hear from.

Expert advice

We also champion authentic advice, inspiration and reassurance. We want to support you to meet challenges, celebrate your individual experiences and give you useful resources - like our content from real parent bloggers and Your Baby Club experts.


Our club is your community.

A fair exchange

We believe in trying to create a fair exchange between parents that want to find out about what's available to them in this huge period of change in their life, and trusted brands who have products, services or information to help. What we guarantee is that your details will only go to brands that you choose and we will never sell your details to unnamed third parties.

A fair exchange

Honest content

Our club is parenting unfiltered. We don't shy away from discussing the difficult topics or paint a picture of the 'perfect parent'. We try not to avoid taboos that we believe should be broken and we want our platform to offer a space for unique voices. There isn't only one experience of parenthood or one type of parent, but many. Your Baby Club is for everyone.

Honest content

A tailored experience

Our community is personalised to support you at each phase of your journey, serving you the right content at exactly the times when you need it. At each life stage, expect relevant information from our network of bloggers and team of leading experts, resources, guides, real product reviews, anecdotes, tips and stories - including that created for parents, by parents. Whatever your journey holds, we hope to be with you every step of the way.

A tailored experience
We love feedback

We love feedback!

We welcome feedback, as well as hints and tips from our users as to how we can:

  • Improve our service
  • Make the Your Baby Club Community more exciting

For any of the above or to just say hello, contact us.

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