10 Family Resolutions For 2020


Happy New Year!!!

Are you all stuffed from the holiday goody train that has been endless or the amounts of fizz and baileys that seemed to be poured daily during the holidays?? It’s the only way to relax, kick back and fully enjoy Christmas with the family by overindulging, isn’t it?

Well, it’s 2020 now! What are your plans as a family? We like to make family resolutions instead of personal resolutions. Personal resolutions usually get thrown out by the end of February. I know you notice the gym fuller than usual come January and by March back to normal again.

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We have had a tough year, last year so we are really hoping 2020 is a better year, a healthier year for us all.

Here are 10 of our “2020 Family Resolutions”:

Once a week, no electronic devices

Both my husband and I run our own businesses so we can be guilty of attempting to multitask too much and have phones and laptops out a lot. We need to learn to shut off as much as we tell our kids to.

Family game night, once a month 

I loved family game night as a child. It’s a good memory to make with my own kids.

More family walks in a new place 

We love exploring local parks and new places but lately, we just haven’t been getting outside as much as we should. This is about to change now that baby is walking and talking. Mother Nature is so good for kids and adults alike. I don’t know about you but I always find my kids don’t bicker as much when they have been outside.

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Work on extended family relationships 

It’s so easy to get busy and wrapped up in daily routines and not stay as close to extended family. We are ex-pats so this makes it twice as hard but we need to make more of an effort. With technology, we could FaceTime cousins more and keep those relationships alive for our kids future too.

Cook with the kids, once a week 

I love cooking with the kids and also teaching them about nutrition and what goes into making a family meal but I don’t do it as much as I want to.

Volunteer as a family for a charity 

What’s better than leading by example? It’s doing it together.

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Learn something as a Family

We are currently learning Spanish but I think learning something together and helping each other achieve something together builds great family dynamics and character.

Save money together 

Its never too early to teach your children about money. But this one is more above saving up for something you do together. It makes saving money exciting and something to look forward to and plan together. How exciting when you all have chipped in for the big event whatever it might be!

Set family contributions for the home 

We don’t call them chores in our house anymore. Everyone should have responsibilities for things in the house. It takes a lot to run a home as we all know. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone didn’t moan about chores and just had the mindset that this helps the whole family. Might be wishful thinking on my part here...but...it could be sweeping the dining floor after dinner or helping put laundry away. Every little bit helps but just naming it something different I hope will get the kids to view it as helpful not a chore.

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Fewer plans on the weekends 

We are guilty of packing so much in on our weekends, we are exhausted come Sunday evening before the week has even started. I think it’s important to have relaxing, downtime at home together. Days where we stay in our PJs, make popcorn, watched movies, play games, or read books. It’s a weekend to recharge our batteries that are always in overdrive.

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