10 Thrifty Ways to Save Money on Baby Clothes

Baby clothes and accessories hung up

Having a baby is expensive. There's no ifs or buts about it.

Those tiny little things can set you back a pretty penny (it's a good job they're cute). And while yes, having a baby can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it, there are a few ways we can save a little.

Here are a few tips and tricks for how you can save money on baby clothes.

Choose Practical Over Fashionable

Buying baby clothes is the easiest thing in the world because everything's just so darn cute. But when it comes to saving money, it's always best to think practically.

As parents, we might want to dress our children in fashionable, or fun outfits, but realistically, unless you're prepared to wash them constantly, it's not worth it.

There are countless adorable outfits to be bought, but truth be told, if your baby vomited or you're dealing with a poo explosion, a plain old sleepsuit is the easiest thing to get off.

You'll often find sleepsuits and vests are available in multipacks, bringing the cost down even further.

Don't Overbuy Newborn Clothes

It's true what they say that 'kids aren't in clothes for five minutes', which is why I'd recommend not overspending on newborn clothes.

Usually you'll find baby clothes that range from preemie to newborn to 0-3 months. Newborn and 0-3 month clothing usually have a crossover of weight ranges. To save money on baby clothes, it's handy buying fewer newborns and more 0-3 months.

That way, you'll get more bang for your buck.

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Make a List

Organisation is key when it comes to pretty much everything to do with babies and children.

If you're planning your baby's wardrobe, it's best to make a clear list of what you want to buy. There are plenty of checklists available online if you want inspiration. In order to save money on your baby's clothes, it's best not to stay too far from your list. Tick things off as and when you've bought them, and watch your baby's wardrobe come to life.

Check out our article on things to ask yourself when buying baby clothes!

Tell Friends What You Need

You’ll be surprised at the number of people who rally around you once you’ve had a baby.

You’ll be laden with treats and gifts, most of which, from my experience, will be baby clothes.

It’s not rude to ask for certain things, especially from people you know will be buying gifts for your baby. It’s actually really sensible. Planning ahead and asking for specific items means you won't need to buy them further down the line.

Choose Gender Neutral

You can save money on baby clothes by buying gender-neutral clothing. This helps save money for any future children you may have. Choosing neutral-coloured and styled clothes means they’re more easily passed on.

Choose Second-hand

Choosing second-hand is becoming more and more popular these days.

It’s also accessible for all as there are numerous websites, apps and Facebook groups you can join to bag yourself a second-hand bargain.

There is plenty of benefits to shopping second-hand, one of which is saving yourself money. You can save money on baby clothes by scouring charity shops, shopping via Vinted or asking for hand-me-downs.

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Sell On Second-hand

As well as buying second hand, you can also sell second hand too.

Recouping costs by selling any clothes that have been grown out of can put money back in your purse, which can then go towards buying the next size up. You can sell via platforms such as eBay, vinted and Facebook marketplace.

There are so many different options available these days so you won’t struggle.

Shop For the Season

Similar to choosing practically, it’s wise to shop for the season. When you have a baby, you might prepare by buying clothes for the full first year.

Recognising the season your baby will move into the next size of clothing is important. There’s no point buying a cute pastel top and shorts set when it won't fit your baby until winter.

Avoid Big Brands

Of course, it’s nice to wear big brands and designer labels, but do babies really need to be wearing them? If you ask me, no. Stick to the everyday essentials and the lower range of prices.

For me, I don’t see the point in buying a £30 big brand sleep suit when you can pick up a three-pack for a tenner in the supermarket. Especially when it’s only going to be worn a handful of times and will no doubt see a lot of damage from bodily fluids.

No Shoes

My final tip for saving money on baby clothes is absolutely no shoes. As cute and adorable as they are, there’s no point in buying shoes for a small baby. Half the time, they’re really ill-fitting too.

We've received baby shoes as gifts before and they don’t stay on their feet for five minutes. They’re pointless in my eyes and definitely not worth the price you pay for them (no matter how affordable).

So there we have it. There’s ten ways you can save money on baby clothes. With the rise in the cost of living, as well as how expensive small humans can be, I fully believe that every little helps when saving money. I hope you found these tips helpful and will be useful for when you're stocking your small person's wardrobe.

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