20 Tried & Tested Toddler Activities During Lockdown


Keeping a toddler entertained is a difficult task, the days are loooong.

The team at Your Baby Club have come up with their favourite ways of entertaining toddlers during the lockdown. The rules are simple, use something we already have at home, it should only take two minutes to set up and should last longer than five minutes (preferably much longer!)

Traffic Lights 

When your little one is running around inside shout “RED” and they must stop, “GREEN” and they can go again. You can do this from the comfort of your sofa… it’s also good fun on a walk outside.

Treasure Sand 

Fill a bowl (preferably washing-up size) with sand and bury treasure, buttons, toys, figures etc. Give your little one a spoon and a sieve and let them dig for treasure.

Balloon Tennis 

Bopping a balloon back and forth is entertaining but when you add the rule that it mustn’t touch the floor it gets slightly more energetic.

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Get out in the garden and draw pictures on the path, pavement or fence. Wait for the rain to wash it away or hosepipe it fresh for the next wave of art.

Follow My Leader

Your toddler must copy everything you do, the sillier the better. Then YOU must copy them. Good on a walk when little legs are starting to tire.

Toddler Tracing

If you have any old lining paper get your toddler to lie down and trace around them – let them fill their shape in with paint or crayons.

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Bug Hunt

This can be done in the garden or on a walk – see how many wee beasties you can find. Lift stones up and don’t be surprised if your little one wants to bring something home as a pet!

Musical Bumps or Statues

Play your little one's favourite music, when you pause it they either sit down or stand as still as they can (usually not very still) until you hit play again. Get the whole family involved and take turns being in charge of the music.

Den Building

This could be as simple as two chairs and a blanket or a more elaborate sofa fort. Either way who doesn’t love their very own hideaway? As a treat let your little one have their lunch in their den.

Obstacle Course

Using chairs, boxes to jump over, a string to slide under, a ball to guide round a pile of books you can build an obstacle course. See if your toddler can do it faster each time.

Hunt Teddy

… or a favourite toy. Your toddler leaves the room and you hide teddy. Or multiple teddies. Sit back and watch as they hunt high and low… and then do it again!

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Big Box

There’s nothing more exciting than a huge cardboard box. Arm your child with paints and let them decorate it, cut windows out or a spy hole, turn it into a car or a plane, the possibilities are endless.

Puddle Jumping

Stick on wellies and let them go wild in the puddles. You can join in!

Magic Potions

Fill plastic bottles and jars with water, glitter, bubble bath, food colouring and see what the different concoctions do. Be clear the potion is not for drinking and glue the lid on with super glue.

Hide & Seek

Hide and seek with a toddler can be hilarious and you obviously have to play along and pretend that you can’t see them hiding, usually, in plain sight.


Do some digging, plant seeds, water the plants. Make mud pies with an old bowl and spoon. The dirtier they get the better.

Toddler Tea Party

Inside or out get a rug and invite all the teddies. All of you sit in a circle and have afternoon tea!

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Make your own playdough, it’s easy peasy. Here’s a recipe! Get out the biscuit cutters, rolling pin, garlic press, pizza cutter and have some fun creating

Washing Up 

If your toddler has a tea set then let them wash up all the pieces in the sink or a washing up bowl with bubbles… especially if the teddies made a mess (see Toddler Tea Party above)

Last but not least, my own personal favourite;

Sleeping Lions

Your little one has to lie on the floor, eyes closed as still as they can. A great way to calm your toddler down after a day of exciting activities and with any luck they’ll fall asleep.

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