3 Reasons New Mums Should Avoid Coffee


A lack of energy is generally the one negative amongst the many positives of being a new mum. In fact, the sensation of feeling constantly tired is often enough to drive women towards measures that they wouldn’t usually take – such as excess coffee consumption. However, you should be aware that there are several reasons why you shouldn’t brew up in those first few months of motherhood. If you’re tempted to turn to the hot stuff in your time of need, here’s why you’re probably best steering clear instead.


It’s true that caffeine can keep you awake when you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. However, you might be regretting your newfound energy when it comes to catching up on sleep. After all, you should ideally be aiming to get some shuteye when your baby nods off – so you’ll be kicking yourself if the coffee ends up keeping you wide awake in those precious moments when you could be sleeping.

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Motherhood is the start of the most joyous time in your life – so you won’t want to ruin such a special period by succumbing to negative feelings. Unfortunately, you’ll risk going down this path if you insist on brewing up a cup of coffee. This is because the caffeine in the drink increases catecholamines, which are your stress hormones. You can, therefore, become easily irritated, aggravated and depressed as a result. This, of course, can make it difficult for you to carry out your new mummy duties to the best of your ability.

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You should know that caffeine can actually reach your baby through your breast milk. Since it’s a stimulant, it can actually make your child become restless and struggle to sleep. Don’t forget, newborn babies should really get between 15 and 17 hours of sleep each day to remain healthy and develop at a normal rate.

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Fight the urge!

It’s not always easy to say ‘no’ to a cup of coffee. Just remember that it can certainly be in the best interest of your child to do so though. For more tips that will help you adjust to parenthood, check out Your Baby Club.

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