3 Reasons Sleep is Important for New Mum


Becoming a new mum is a thrilling and hugely-rewarding time. It's also a time when you'll very likely find yourself pushed to the limit in some ways – and one way you'll certainly be pushed right to the edge is in how much sleep you get.

It's very easy as a new mummy to put all the focus on your newborn, often to the extent of neglecting yourself. This can happen with things like diet (you find yourself not eating properly, for example), and it can certainly happen with things like getting enough sleep.

It's certainly easier said than done to make sure you get enough sleep for yourself as a new mother, but it's very important to make sure you try your best – and here are three reasons why.

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1) Not sleeping makes you less alert

If you find yourself becoming sleep deprived, one thing that you may not even notice is happening to you is that you're becoming less alert during the times when you are awake. This can obviously be very dangerous when you are looking after a newborn, as you'll be less aware of any danger – and therefore more prone to accidents that could injure you both. Try and make sure your partner eases the burden, or if you're a single mum you could make use of friends or family members.

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2) Lack of sleep can mean low milk supply

If you're planning on breastfeeding your infant then it becomes doubly important to make sure you get enough sleep, as inadequate sleep can contribute to low levels of milk production. Try and make sure your new baby's milk supply is as nutritious and plentiful as it can be – and you can do this by making sure you're as well-rested as possible, and by making sure you're taking on the right nutrients for your child.

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3) Losing too much sleep can make you depressed

Finally, losing too much sleep can leave you at risk of suffering from postnatal depression, and it can significantly worsen the symptoms of the aforementioned if you've already been diagnosed. Fortunately though, getting adequate sleep can give a massive boost to your feelings of wellbeing, so make sure you're making full use of the people around you in your quest to sleep regularly and well – whether it's your partner, friends and family, neighbours, or hired babysitters.

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