30 Autumn Baby Names 2024

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, there's no better time to welcome a new bundle of joy into your life. Autumn, with its vibrant colours and cosy atmosphere, is a beautiful source of inspiration for baby names. 

If you're expecting a little one this autumn, or simply love the warm and cosy autumn feel, we've compiled a list of the best autumn-inspired baby names for 2023.


A name that encapsulates the season's beauty more than any other can! Perfect to invoke feelings of the falling leaves and the cosiness of the season.


A feminine name of British origin meaning “the hazel tree”, this name will send your mind straight to the golden-brown leaves of the hazel tree, reflecting autumn's earthy tones.


This name is inspired by a type of tree with red berries and vibrant foliage, symbolising the autumnal spirit.


This name will keep your little one glowing like a striking fire, representing the warmth and cosiness of an autumn fireplace.

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Perfect for an autumn baby, Hunter unsurprisingly signifies an outdoorsy feel, meaning quite literally “one who hunts during the season's abundant harvest”.


This gorgeous name elegantly mirrors the beauty of the willow tree, which is beautiful year-round, especially in autumn.

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If you picture a classic, large, orange autumn leaf, chances are it’s a maple leaf you’re envisioning. This name is the perfect pick to celebrate the striking red and orange leaves of the maple tree, a hallmark of autumn.


Deriving from an orange-toned gemstone, this unique name perfectly mirrors the earthy, autumnal colours of the gemstone.


If you’re looking for a name that represents evergreen beauty and the joys of nature, even as autumn leaves fall, this one’s for you.


This name perfectly conveys the imagery of a cosy wooded area filled with trees and the heart of an autumnal nature scene.


Coming from the name of a large, beautiful tree species, this name perfectly reflects the golden-yellow blooms of the acacia tree, brightening up autumn landscapes.


A strong autumn name choice reminiscent of the fragrant wood often used in autumn decorations and lining autumn scenes.


Exotic and vibrant, like the deep orange spice it's named after, this name will add some zest to autumn!

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With a gender-neutral origin, Laurel refers to Laurel and Bay trees, creating images of evergreen leaves and foliage for an outdoorsy and nature-centred name.


A name meaning happiness and good fortune, this name is fitting for an autumn arrival.


Perfect for your delicate and graceful little one, just like the wildlife in the autumn woods. This name will invoke images of the full-of-life young deers you might spot on your crisp autumn walks.


The Italian name for "forest," this name is a cute alternative to pay tribute to the enchanting woods of autumn.


Meaning "red-haired king," this name is a nod to the vibrant autumn colours (plus, it’s also a subtle autumnal nod to the hallmark autumn show, Gilmore Girls).


This cute name choice perfectly captures the earthy, reddish-brown tones often seen in autumn landscapes.


A culinary herb used in autumn dishes, Sage symbolises both flavour and nature. The Latin origins of this name are “wise” and “healthy”.


Named after the constellation associated with the autumn sky, signifying timelessness, this is the perfect name to encapsulate the season's strength.


This name reflects the bright yellow flowers often seen in autumn gardens, bringing warmth and joy. Marigold flowers symbolise purity, a good omen, and the divine.


Unique and nature-inspired, this name nods to the fragrant evergreen shrub often seen in autumn gardens.


Radiant and timeless, this name is the perfect choice to recognise the orange gemstone often associated with autumn.


A beautiful and unique name choice, meaning ‘from the hill by the lake’. Marlow conjures images of beautiful autumn landscapes, with a meadow near a lake.


This name adds a touch of uniqueness to the classic "Laurel," making it stand out.


This is a classic name choice, giving a nod to autumn's reddy tones and origins in the deep red precious stone.


A perfect nature-related autumn name choice, Fern exudes natural beauty, like the delicate, green plant often found in wooded areas.


Rooted in nature, reflecting the distinctive leaves of this tree often seen in autumn, Sycamore is the perfect nature-inspired name choice.


A unique and charming name, Opal reflects its origins as a beautiful multi-coloured gem and precious stone.

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision, and drawing inspiration from the beauty of autumn can make it even more special. If you haven’t found your perfect baby name on this list, head here for 100 cute baby girl names.
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