4 Ways to Tackle the January Blues

4 Ways to Tackle the January Blues

Do you struggle with January? The joy of Christmas and the sparkle of festivities are over, and, well... it's all a bit doom and gloom, isn't it? And even more so with the prospect of more pandemic woes and restrictions. I always feel very flat come the start of January. But as every year passes, I try and see it as the fresh start that many people love to embrace. I've been using a few go-to tried and tested methods for keeping my spirits up and my mood in check.

Bring in the Warmth

For me, winter months feel so much better when there's candlelight. After Christmas 2020, I decided to keep some of the Christmas joy around the house - leaving up some fairy lights and more winter-themed decor. Some people prefer to pack away the decorations as soon as the leftover turkey has been gobbled. And I get that! But anything which can pass as "wintery" gets the OK in my book and it stays.

Give Yourself Permission to Rest

There's a good reason why loads of animals hibernate through the winter months. In simple terms, hibernation serves to save energy when food is scarce. Although most of us are fortunate to access a warm meal each day, there's a lot to be said about winding down and resting up over the colder winter months. I've found that simply allowing myself to be on days when I have less to do is OK. I don't need to rush around, leave the house, go shopping, see people - if I don't want to.

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Back to Nature

Resting doesn't necessarily mean zero movement though. I find nature literally grounds me when I'm having a moment of anxiety, panic or overwhelm. Being able to get outside, inhale and turn my face to the sunshine feels like a luxury after a day with the kids. If it's impossible to get out without the kids then take them too. Wrap up warm, put your wellies on - embrace nature for its beauty.

Plan a Few Things

Although my motto for 2022 is to be less busy and to give myself more time, it's lovely to have a few things to look forward to. Perhaps a spa day, a lunch with a friend, or a museum visit. Whatever floats your boat, make a few plans to take the edge off those cold days.

Do you struggle with the darker days? What are your tips for getting through to spring?

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