40 Things Mums Won't Tell You About Pregnancy


One thing you will notice in pregnancy, is how many women don't actually talk about their pregnancies, not about everything that's for sure. There's a secret club women tend to join when they fall pregnant, to keep all the bloat and ankle swelling, heartburn and discharge a secret from hopeful mums-to-be so we don't 'put them off'. At Your Baby Club, we're very much about making sure women have all the information possible, so mums-to-be don't feel so surprised or alone when strange things start happening to their bodies - knowledge is power after all.

So, here's a list of things other mums probably won't have told you about what to expect during pregnancy:

  • Pregnancy isn't anything like you see on TV or Instagram.
  • Pregnancy for you can be completely different to how it was for your sibling/mum/friend.
  • Pregnant women are twice as likely to develop thrush.
  • Vaginal discharge will increase significantly, particularly in the third trimester
  • Your skin sensitivity can change, meaning you may be more prone to sunburn, eczema, acne, dryness, stretch marks and rashes.
  • Your hair can grow thicker and quicker and fall out less - though we're sorry to say, post-postpartum hair-loss is also something no one tells you about.
  • You may also start growing hair (or at least the hair there gets darker) in places you don't want - belly, face, around the nipples being most common.
  • Hair can change texture and sometimes even colour.
  • Pregnant women are more prone to heartburn, trapped wind, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, UTIs and varicose veins.
  • Your nipples will grow, and areolas will darken. Your breasts may also increase a cup size (or a few), so you'll likely need to invest in some new bras.
  • Birthmarks, freckles, and moles can darken, and new ones can appear.
  • A line will appear down the centre of your belly (linea negra) but should fade after birth.
  • Your cute little innie belly button may turn into an outie in the third trimester as your bump grows and skin stretches.
  • You will need to pee - a lot. Incontinence is also common - get those kegels in ladies.
  • You will feel the heat a lot more - time to lose the layers and take cold showers.
  • 'Baby brain' is real - you may forget things you've just been told 5 minutes prior.
  • You'll need to learn to shave blind, oh and forget about doing your own pedicure or wearing lace up shoes!
  • Your feet might grow a shoe size or two, sometimes permanently!
  • You may not look pregnant for a while - particularly if it's your first child.
  • You also may start showing early, particularly if a subsequent pregnancy.
  • Your ribs can expand and change shape.
  • Your joints can loosen, making you less stable and more prone to injury.
  • Your bump can look totally different to someone else's at the same gestation.
  • You may gain more weight than you thought. Equally, you can also lose weight - everyone is different.
  • Your dreams can become more vivid and realistic - sadly, Chris Hemsworth is not really in your house - sorry!
  • Pregnant women often struggle to sleep and can develop insomnia, particularly in the second and third trimesters.
  • Your sex drive can change and either go completely off sex or go into hyper-drive!
  • Your boobs can start leaking - this can happen at any time.
  • By the third trimester, you may need help sitting up, getting up, getting out of bed, and even putting on your socks.
  • It's okay not to enjoy some or all aspects of pregnancy.
  • Kicks for some, can be uncomfortable - it's also okay not to enjoy them either.
  • Depression during pregnancy is much more common than you'd think, as are sleep problems, mood swings and changes to your eating habits. If these feelings persist make sure you talk to your GP or midwife.
  • 'Eating for two' is a myth - your appetite can decrease as your stomach gets more and more compressed by your growing uterus. You also only need up to 200 additional calories per day by the final trimester.
  • Your sinuses can swell (pregnancy rhinitis) and leave you feeling like you've got a cold most mornings.
  • Strangers may try and touch your bump - it's okay to say no.
  • Don't always expect people to give up their seat on public transport for you.
  • It can be hard keeping your pregnancy a secret in the early stages - remember it's completely your choice when and if you tell people.
  • It's okay not to love your body during pregnancy and beyond - you'll get there.
  • You'll probably cry a lot more than usual, often for no reason at all.
  • You'll spend more time shopping for baby stuff than you've ever spent shopping for yourself.

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Now you're a bit more clued up on what to expect, hopefully nothing will come as a shock. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and is intended to help you feel a little more normal, less alone and more informed. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms, emotions, or physical changes, but if anything does crop up that makes you a little uneasy or you feel isn't normal, do contact your midwife who can give you further guidance.

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