5 Useful Snacks to Take in Your Hospital Bag


When you are in labour, the last thing you are thinking about is your belly. But you need to make sure you do eat while you are in labour, especially in the early stages. When I went into triage at 3cm, the midwife made me drink and gave me a sandwich to eat. At the end of the day, we need the fuel to ensure we have the energy for labour. So before you go to the hospital, it’s so important to have some toast or a sandwich to keep you going. And don’t forget to keep drinking fluids! As for snacks, it’s a good idea to take some with you in the hospital bag. That way, your partner can hand you snacks while you are in labour. And anything left over you can eat while you are in hospital (I ate all the Haribo the next day!) So here are five items I recommend you take with you when you go to the hospital.

Apple juice

To give you a boost, it’s a good idea to take some cartons of juice in with you while you are in labour. The sugar will give you some energy and it’s a nice change to water or tea in the hospital.

Cereal bars

A healthy snack, a cereal bar is a great snack to take with you into the hospital. It’s a quick energy boost during labour and it’s tasty too. I took several which I then had the next morning in hospital after a lack of sleep!

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A biscuit is such a comforting food which you can snack on while you are in labour. Everyone loves a good bourbon or digestive and it will also give you some energy! I took a pack of cookies too in my bag.

Dried fruit

If you have been in labour a while, you will find fruit will give you a natural boost. But while a banana might not taste so good if it’s been sat in your bag for hours, a bag of dried fruit will give you a boost. I enjoyed some dried apricots in early labour.


Boiled sweets are a great option when you are in labour. I found I got a dry mouth, especially if you are using gas and air. And as I said above, I took some Haribo to enjoy too when in labour and the next day too.

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