6 Easy Ways To Banish the Baby Blues

Have you heard of the ‘baby blues’? It's a term that lots of midwives use to describe the low feelings a new mother has during the sudden change in hormones in the days after giving birth. Usually, this happens on day five. You may find yourself feeling tearful, emotional, quite down and low.

Baby blues are temporary and entirely different to Post Natal Depression (PND), postnatal anxiety and PTSD - which can all start in a similar way to the baby blues but last longer and have a real and continuous impact on your well-being and life in general. These are mental health concerns which need medical support and assistance asap.

This post aims to give some hints and tips on how to help banish the baby blues and should not be a substitute for seeking medical help for more serious mental health issues such as PND. If you are struggling during the first 6 months of postpartum and feel it could be more than just the baby blues, please reach out for help from your GP, practise nurse, health visitor, midwife or local mental health team.

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6 Ways To Help Banish the Baby Blues:

Sniff Your Baby’s Head

There is actually some science to back this one up. The chemicals and scent on a baby’s head trigger certain reward pathways within the brain! For mothers, this may help them to feel happier while also tapping into their protective mamma instincts. 

Studies have also suggested that the scent makes males much less ‘aggressive’ which goes back to the risks within the animal kingdom of males seeing some newborns as a threat. This scent may act as a survival mechanism for new babies whilst having the added benefit of helping parents to feel better.

Rest Or Nap As Much As Possible 

We’ve all heard of ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ (which is fine unless your baby only sleeps when you drive the car! ), but sleep deprivation can have a real impact on your well-being and is almost a certainty in the early days. 

Rest whenever you have the opportunity, and don’t feel under pressure to do all the baby groups or have lots of visitors over when your little one is small and not sleeping.

Go For A Walk 

Fresh air and small amounts of exercise work wonders for boosting those happy hormones. You may not feel like it beforehand, but you will feel better afterwards. If you’re struggling with postpartum stitches, try to sit outside if you’re not up to walking.

Happy Music

Put on some uplifting music and have a dance or sway with your new baby.

Treat Yourself

There’s no better time to indulge in a hot chocolate or a slice of cake than after having a baby! You’ve done so much hard work; you deserve it! If food isn’t your thing, then book in for a new-mum massage, or go and get your hair washed and blow-dried at a salon.

Keep Breastfeeding

If you’ve managed to successfully start your breastfeeding journey then keep going. The hormones it produces help to keep you feeling calm and happy, and stopping suddenly may make you feel worse.

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