6 New Year's Resolutions For Your Child

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and welcome to 2024!

Let’s talk about resolutions… Are you a New Year's resolution kind of person?  

Now, for me personally, I like to call them my goals to grow and achieve throughout the year. Up until last year, I always thought this was something only adults did; however, I decided to look into what the positives are of introducing this to children and what New Year’s resolutions could look like for children again, I like to view this as ‘healthy goals that can support my child to learn and grow throughout the year’.

I am very aware that New Year's resolutions for children need to be age-appropriate. However, is it ever too early/young to support children in reaching their full potential and introducing new ideas? 

To start, I thought about how great it would be to partner up with your child let them be part of setting their own resolutions. This would support confidence and self-esteem and introduce them to self-development. This could also become part of a family tradition (if you are into traditions)

Well, I found some fabulous New Year resolutions for children! Here they are:

Learn a New Skill

I love this one, promoting self-esteem and confidence, ambition and creating discussion around what the skill could be. 

Try a New Piece of Food

This one would be good for any of those fussy eaters! I know how it feels, as I have a fussy-eating toddler! 

Read One Book a Week

This could help both at home and in school, and I thought this could be a great way to have some one-on-one time with your child. This would also be fab to promote creativity within your child. 

Cleaning Up Toys

If you are like me, I struggle to engage my toddler in helping me tidy up the toys. However, as a resolution, use stickers to reward them each time they are able to follow their resolution. 

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House Chores

You could discuss the jobs around your home, talk about age appropriately, about what it takes to run a family home. Again, you could use stickers to promote this resolution, and you are also building your child’s confidence, independence and pride in their own home.

Engaging in an Activity That Promotes Self-Care/Positive Emotional Well-Being

Now, this is my favourite resolution by far for children, it can be adjusted for children to make it age-appropriate for any age. It’s never too early to promote emotions/feelings, self-care and positive emotional well-being with your child. I like the idea of having a self-care hour with your child. This could include watching a programme together, going for a walk in nature, face mask, cuddling, cooking, or anything your child may find has a positive impact on their emotional well-being. 

Brushing Teeth Twice Daily

To be honest, I even forget to remind my toddler to brush her teeth twice every day! If this could support your little one by introducing this as a resolution, I say it’s a must!  

Speaking to an Adult They Trust if They Are Worried

Using resolutions like this one can give you space to discuss further who a child's safe adult/s may be, it can also be used as a reminder for your child should they be experiencing sad/worrying emotions. 

As children get older, they will have more experience and understanding of these feelings; therefore, using this resolution could support them in communicating this appropriately throughout their life, which is a real benefit. 

I feel like it is important to highlight the benefits of children making New Year's resolutions. However, it is also important to understand as children, it is important to have the support and understanding from parents and carers to manage these should they decide they are too much or they have forgotten or would like to give these resolutions up. 

Praise is a fabulous way to encourage children to stick to their resolutions this could include a high five, clapping, stickers and verbally communicating ‘well done.’’

My final words regarding New Year's resolution for children are… If you choose to support your child with making resolutions, or in my words, ‘healthy goals that can support my child to learn and grow throughout the year’, HAVE FUN doing so! 

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