6 Steps You Can Take To Strengthen the Bond Between Siblings

Young girl holds her newborn sibling

As parents, we have a hugely influential role in helping nurture sibling bonds.

The part we play can also help reduce sibling rivalry and avoid conflict. By encouraging activities that champion teamwork, having fun and giving kids the tools to figure out disagreements for themselves, parents can help build strong bonds between siblings.

No matter how different your children are (because you never get two of the same), sibling bonds are vital.

Strong sibling relationships are said to have an effect on how children interact with other people; Whether that’s teachers, friends or even later on in life with partners and work colleagues.

As parents, there are a few things we can do to help encourage strong bonds.

Do Not Compare Your Children

First and foremost as parents, we must try not to compare our children.

Saying things like ‘I wish you’d listen as well as your sister does’ or ‘your brother would never act the way you do’ will only harbour negative feelings and emotions.

Comparing your children could lead to sibling rivalry, and won't encourage sibling bonding. Understanding that every child's development is different, and praise will look different for each child is vital for shaping your children's relationships.

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Teach Siblings to Appreciate Differences

Our differences are what make us all unique.

By educating our children that their differences are a good thing we’re cultivating a level of respect, not only for one another but for other people too.

Get to the Bottom of Any Sibling Rivalry - Quickly!

Do your children squabble over your attention?

Perhaps it’s when they’re bored, or maybe they’re competing against one another. Wherever their sibling rivalry stems from, it’s worth getting to the bottom of it quickly!

Once you’ve discovered the route of the problem it’s your job to tackle it. Perhaps you need to spend one on one time with each child? Or look into more team bonding exercises?

As their parent, you’ll know how best to resolve any issues.

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Encourage Their Listening Skills

The ability to really listen to what someone else is saying is actually a pretty difficult task. Even for some adults!

Make a point of having your children really listen to one another. This will help build empathy, gratitude and a stronger sibling bond.

Working on their listening skills can also help to improve sibling relationships by allowing them to understand each child's personality and can teach kids to work out arguments between themselves.

Show Them How to Respectfully Disagree.

Similar to appreciating each other's differences, it’s beneficial to teach your children to disagree respectfully.

People who get on can still have opposing views. It’s how we deal with those disagreements which affect our relationships and emotions.

Sibling relationships can be rocky, particularly at a young age. Teaching them how to disagree and resolve conflicts, is key for the whole family and important for establishing good relationships and a lifelong connection between your children.

Have Fun

Families who have fun together are way more likely to have close relationships.

We can encourage fun by choosing activities and games that all the family can enjoy. Even the simplest things such as cosying up while watching movies can hugely impact sibling relationships.

If your children don’t seem to be bonding, I’d try not to worry too much. Time, as they say, can be a great healer.

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