7 Ways to Declutter Your Home This Spring


There's nothing like the new year to get you in the mood for a spring clean. Add in a national lockdown, and you should have all the time in the world to organise, declutter and clean. Yeah right. As if we don't have enough on our plates right now with homeschooling, work and general life maintenance. Plus the bonus of a pandemic on top. Here are a few tips though to help keep you sane over the next few months when it comes to keeping the house in order. I find that having everyone home is a recipe for disaster. It feels like no more than five minutes after I've whizzed the hoover round, there are crisp packets and crap all over the place again.

Less is More

It really is when it comes to a tidy home. And lockdown is an excellent excuse to spend less. Not that anyone has much choice. But the lockdown means less browsing and less shopping. It means a real opportunity for making do with what you have right now. One of the most fulfilling things I find is simply not buying more stuff. The house is already overrun with toys and whatnot. We don't need more stuff.

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Have a Clear-Out

This goes hand in hand with the point above. If you're spending less, also think about ways to make a few quid too. From selling old clothes on eBay to offering toys a new home on Facebook marketplace, there are plenty of ways to get rid of your old stuff. I always find that clearing out a cupboard or getting rid of items around the home I've fallen out of love with, is really therapeutic. I always feel lighter, somehow.

A Cupboard a Day

If the thought of clearing out the whole house in a day is daunting, then look to tackle one job a day or each week. Whatever makes sense and is manageable for you. I tend to pick one area of the house each weekend to properly sort out. It's usually the coat cupboard, the desk drawer, the art and craft supplies or the kitchen cupboards. And it often doesn't take longer than twenty minutes. Break your spring clean into manageable chunks and you'll be winning.

Make your Bed

Sounds simple but just pull the covers back over, quickly plump your pillow and sort any cushions. By making your bed, it really can help you start the day in a positive way. And your room looks neat, tidy and ready for you to jump right in once the day is done.

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Embrace the List

Ah, I love a good list. For all of the above, "list it". That's right. Make a long list of what needs doing and then break it down, week by week or day by day. It feels great to tick off all your to-dos as you work through them. I find lists keep me organised and focused. They help me structure any tasks, from work, life, cleaning and meal planning. Lists are your friend!

Baskets and Storage

Now having lots of baskets and storage cubes can be counterproductive, attracting junk and clutter. But the one lovely thing about them is that you can then pop them away or place them into a storage unit to deal with later. We use the IKEA Kallax storage boxes and LACK units for the copious amounts of toys we seem to have. I get them out on a morning and then chuck them all away in the evening. They are great for toys like train tracks and building blocks.

File It or Bin It

One of my pet hates is bills and bits of paper mounting up on the side. As soon as they come in, they go into one of my desk drawers. I'm not so disciplined as to file them away every day or week. Instead, I store everything in that drawer until it's fit to bursting. And then I either file it away or bin it. Often I'll come across receipts and things I've kept, which a month or two later, I no longer need.

What are your top tips for keeping your home organised and clutter-free this year? Do you have any spring cleaning hacks you are desperate to share? Or perhaps a new cleaning routine which is working well for you? Share with us your ideas over on social media.

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