A Bucket List for Your Baby's First Christmas

baby with santa hat

The first Christmas with your little one is a time to celebrate with the family and create precious memories.

Although your baby probably won't understand everything that's going on, making their first Christmas special will be something you can all look back on together in the future - plus, you'll have a picture-perfect holiday.

Here's everything you need to put on your bucket list for your baby's first Christmas, to make sure you make the most of it and make the occasion memorable!

Buy Matching PJs

Wearing matching PJs is an adorable way to mark your baby's first Christmas. And, you can cater the PJs to your personal choice, whether you love a cheesy design or something more traditional, like tartan trousers, and it's guaranteed to be cute. Plus, you can use the matching look to create Christmas cards for your friends and family!

Measure Their Height

A festive way to mark your baby's height is to measure your baby with a ribbon. Simply place this ribbon inside a bauble and hang it on the tree, then next year you can take this out and see how much your little one has grown - and you can re-measure them and make it a tradition!

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Make Hand Print Baubles

Making a print of your baby's hand or foot is a great way to remember just how little they were during their first Christmas. Simply make a salt dough out of flour salt and water, and press their hands in. Make sure you make a little hole near the top so it can be hung up, then pop it in the oven for three hours. Hang a ribbon through the hole and place it somewhere for everyone to see. Just be careful, the dough is not edible!

Visit Father Christmas

Although your little one won't remember their first trip to see Father Christmas, it's a must-do activity. It's a great opportunity for a festive photo, that can easily be made into a Christmas card, or framed in the house. There are plenty of places to meet Father Christmas too, with plenty of free opportunities such as in garden centres or shopping centres.

Special Baubles

Purchasing, or making, a bauble for your tree is a great way to always remember their first Christmas. It doesn't have to be anything overtly baby related too, in fact, getting something related to their first year could be nice! For example, if they have a favourite toy or colour, getting a quirky bauble representing this would be a sweet nod towards this year for years to come.

Go on a Christmas Train

Christmas Trains, such as those at Audley End or Van Hages, are a lovely way to get the whole family together for a festive trip. Christmas trains tend to be a short, but magical, trip through decorated and themed areas. It's a sensory experience that your baby will love, and if this doesn't get you in a Christmassy mood... what will?

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Have a Movie Marathon

Stick your cosy clothes on and cuddle up on the sofa for a night of Christmas magic with the family. Watch the classic Christmas films, or indulge in some brand new ones, and have a relaxing evening together. The brightness and colourfulness of the films are key to engaging your baby, and a great way to settle down for the evening.

Visit Some Christmas Lights

An evening walking around the local town looking at the Christmas lights is a great free way to get your baby to engage with the festive spirit. The bright array of colours is bound to give your little one a sensory experience that they'll love. And, if you're in the mood, why not head to a city to see even more lights?

Make a Christmas Card

Making a Christmas card is a super easy way to mark your baby's first. There are so many ways you can do it too, for example, make paint prints of their feet and turn them into reindeer, or do a photoshoot of them in a present box wearing a Santa hat. Everyone you send these to will love them, and you'll cherish them forever.

Decorate the Tree Together

Allowing your baby to watch you decorate the tree is a great way to get them involved and interested in the festive spirit. Decorating the tree is an important part of Christmas and your baby will love watching it all unfold - and fingers crossed, it'll get them wanting to be part of the action in future years!

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