Alternative Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit


I think the build-up to Christmas is my favourite part of the festive season. Taking your little ones to see Father Christmas, showing them the lights at your local garden centre, going to a panto and attending Xmas gatherings with your friends and family is all a few of my favourite things to do. Unfortunately, this year is going to be different for a lot of us. We will not be able to do all those special things that get us into the Xmas spirit and help our little ones celebrate Christmas. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom this Christmas season. There are lots of other ways we can still enjoy the Christmas festivities during the latest restrictions. Here are some alternative ways to stay merry this Christmas.

Watch a virtual panto

Boo! A lot of theatres can't open this Christmas for their annual panto season. A good panto is a great way to celebrate with the little ones with fun songs and giggles. But all is not lost as a lot of theatres are doing virtual pantos. You can pay a small fee and then watch with your children the panto from the comfort of your home. Whether you fancy Cinderella or Aladdin, you can choose whichever one you want and it doesn't even have to be in your local area. Not only are you supporting the theatres in the UK, but it will let your little ones still enjoy a panto experience. And at least you don't have to worry if they get distracted if you are at home too!

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Make some Christmas crafts

Covid can't stop us getting crafty this year. Why not make some Xmas cards with your little ones they can give to family this year? You could make some paper chains or some homemade decorations for the tree. There are so many ideas online and even if you are not the best at craft (I'm definitely not) you can easily knock up some simple crafts with your children. It doesn't have to look amazing; the main thing is the kids will enjoy making them.

Get baking some Christmas goodies

We might not get to enjoy some Christmas goodies at our local Xmas market this year but we can make some of favourite yummy Xmas food at home. Get the little ones to help you make some mince pies, Christmas cakes and yule log. You could even get a gingerbread house to decorate; this is a lot of fun for little ones and it's delicious to eat afterwards!

Have a Christmas Zoom party

The kids might not get to enjoy many parties this year in the run-up to Christmas, but why not organise one of your own over Zoom with some of their friends. You can organise some virtual games and all get dressed up in some Christmas attire. Play some Xmas tunes in the background and your little ones will still love to see their friends and family.

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Get a call/video chat from Santa

A lot of companies are taking Santa virtual this year. You can get a call or video call from the man himself who will speak with your little ones. Some companies even send a gift in advance which you can pass to the kids once they have spoken to Santa. Saves all that time queuing this year.

Go on a wreath hunt

Remember the pumpkin hunt when we couldn't go trick or treating for Halloween? How about going on a wreath hunt with the kids this Xmas season. You can go for a walk and every time your little one spots a wreath on the door, they can choose a sweet from your bag. If you go later in the afternoon, you also get to see all the Christmas lights too!

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