Baby Milestones: Potty Training


Ah, potty training. Another messy milestone you encounter as a parent. Unfortunately, it’s not something with a set timestamp or process. You don’t necessarily know when you will start, or how it will go, but what you do know, is that there is a load of things to consider and an impending mess if it goes wrong. So here are some starting points to consider:

Have a Strategy

Potty or training seat? Make a list of all the questions you might have about training, get an answer that works for your situation, stick with it, and get everything you need to fulfil it. This can mean different accessories, pull-ups instead of nappies, numerous potties around the house and more, but being equipped means you are ready for anything.

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Be Patient

Potty training can take time. By waiting until they demonstrate they are ready, the actual training can take less time. If you need to use a slightly longer approach, why not try getting them used to being around a potty or toilet and in a bathroom setting. Make it fun with toys and games to make it seem like less of a daunting or unfamiliar object. You could even get them to sit on the potty next to you when you go to the toilet to show them what to do.

When they are ready, one technique thought to be effective, is going nappy-free. This gets your baby familiar with the idea of needing the toilet, as well as having an accident if they don’t make it! The one downside to this, is you need a safe place to do this, ideally somewhere without a carpet to inevitably be ruined. Somewhere with hard, moppable flooring for easy clean up in case of accidents.

Prepare for Accidents

Accidents are an inevitability. As a result, make sure to have several cleaning kits ready for any situation and maybe stash away any nice cushions, rugs, or blankets that may be the unfortunate victims of the puddle, until your little one is a bit more prepared!

Encourage your child to be open about having accidents, make sure they know telling you is okay, as I’m sure you’d rather know, than find yourself unknowingly sat on a pee-soaked surface.

By following this advice, you should have the basic knowledge needed to keep a cool head and hopefully, a clean floor!

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