Top tips for coping with more than one child

Top tips for coping with more than one child

Life changes completely when you have your first baby, but what about when you have your second, third or more? You thought life was difficult before, but now it is completely chaotic. Here are a few tips to make those crazy days a little bit more manageable.

1. Don’t feel guilty

This is the most important tip of all. There will be times you will have to leave one of your children to cry. When you have more than one you cannot respond to every demand immediately, and that is okay. Take a deep breath and prioritise. Your hungry baby can wait two minutes while you take your potty training toddler – who definitely cannot wait – to the toilet. In return, your grumpy toddler can wait two minutes for you to read that book while you change the baby’s nappy.

2. Find easy activities your child can do on their own

There are some fantastic options out there for easy activities your child can do on their own, and they don’t have to be expensive. For a cheap option, making your own play dough is a great place to start. There are plenty of great recipes out there, and lots of ways to make the activity different every time. Change colours, add textures by mixing in rice or pasta, throw in some glitter and you will have an entertained 2-year-old for (hopefully) that spare few minutes you need.

3. Have healthy snacks to hand

Nothing keeps a toddler busier (or quieter) than a snack. Have easy healthy snacks to hand like peeled oranges, apple slices, cheese sticks or raisins. If you need to turn the television on at the same time to get them to sit still while you get your baby changed, or manage to get some food yourself, that is nothing to beat yourself up about.

4. Take time for yourself

When (if) you manage to get the children to sleep at the same time, take some time for yourself before you worry about the dishes in the sink. You have to do it all over again tomorrow after all!

Photo: new room by Philippe Put licensed under Creative commons 2