Three reasons to keep a camera close after welcoming your newborn

Three reasons to keep a camera close after welcoming your newborn

You’ll need nappies, bottles, dummies and formula after giving birth. These, of course, are the essentials that everyone knows about. However, you might not have considered just how handy it can be to have a camera close at all times in those first few weeks as a mum. It’s true that you could use your mobile phone, but ideally, you’ll want a device that takes high-quality images so that they can be cherished for years. With this in mind, here are three reasons to keep a camera close after welcoming your newborn.


Babies typically gain around 2lbs a month and grow 1.5” every 30 days after they’re born. This means that your child can actually transform right in front of your eyes – and before you know it they will be a toddler. Thankfully you can have precious evidence that they were once so small if you get snap-happy in those first few weeks. The photos will no doubt be keepsakes that you’ll treasure for years to come.


Yes, you’ll feel on cloud nine as a new mum – but you’ll more than likely also be sleep-deprived, underfed and malnourished in the days following the labour. You might not realise it at the time, but you could be rather fuzzy-headed, meaning you can’t appreciate all the special little moments you’re having with your newborn. Therefore, the photos will be a nice little reminder of those first few days with your little bundle of joy.


Photos are a fantastic way to include people in the birth of your child. This might be friends or family who live far away, or perhaps even colleagues who you won’t see while you’re on maternity leave. Yes, you’ll want to shout about your newborn from the rooftops – but a picture says a 1,000 words. Photos are generally a quicker and more adorable way to keep people in the loop while you get used to motherhood.

Time to get snap-happy!

A good quality camera is the thing that many mummies forget about when they’re pregnant. Therefore, be sure to make sure you’ve got one to capture the start of your life as a mummy. For similar tips to help you get used to being a parent, check out Your Baby Club.