Emily Kucharski

Mum and founder of Wish I’d Known, an insights community for parents

I’m Emily, founder of Wish I’d Known, which is a community dedicated to crowdsourcing parenting experiences and wisdom. We use our data and insights to give parents a representative view on what other parents are doing and experiencing across all sorts of topics related to raising young children and parental well-being. I had the idea for Wish I’d Known after having my son in late 2021, and my husband – an experienced researcher and data scientist – helped me bring it to life.

We felt first-hand the massive learning curve parents go on, and we couldn’t help but notice how many times we heard the phrase “I wish I’d known…” amongst fellow parents. We realised that while many of the challenges of parenting are universal, we too often navigate them alone or in small bubbles of friends and family (if we’re lucky), so we lack broader perspectives that could reassure us and ease our journeys.

Driven by a desire to bridge this gap, Wish I’d Known was born. My ambition is to give all parents access to the unfiltered truth about parenting, cutting through subjective opinions and confusing advice which we struggled to navigate ourselves. It’s certainly helped us with the crazy world of new parenthood, and now toddlerhood, so I’m hoping to help others too by sharing some things we’ve learnt here.

Content written by Emily Kucharski


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