Blood Tests During Pregnancy


Something some of you may be dreading... Needles! During pregnancy, you’ll be offered several blood tests that check the health of both you and your bubba. They help you make decisions about your care and the care of your baby, both before and after birth.

When are Tests Done?

These tests are undertaken between 10 and 14-weeks, as well as around 28-weeks at your midwife or scan visits.

Blood screenings and other tests that can be conducted during pregnancy include:

  • Checking hCG levels
  • Rh factor
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Finding out your blood group
  • Checking for blood or genetic disorders, as well as STIs
  • Checking for immunity to infectious diseases
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • CVS testing for Down’s syndrome, Patau & Edward’s syndrome, sickle-cell anaemia and other conditions (via samples from the placenta)
  • Group B strep (via vaginal swab)

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Between 8 and 14-Weeks

Here you will have Rh factor testing, which finds out your blood type, and whether you are rhesus positive or negative. This can help if problems occur and you need a transfusion, or if you show to be Rh-negative and your baby is Rh-positive. If your baby’s blood meets yours during delivery, there can be complications with Rh factors mixing. If you’re Rh-negative, you’ll be screened for antibodies at 28-weeks, as well as during delivery. You may require an injection of Rh immune globulin following birth if your baby is born Rh-positive.


Now your iron levels will be checked again to test whether you have developed iron deficiency (anaemia). If your result is that you do, your doctor will offer iron supplements and folic acid, as a simple way to counteract the issue. Another test they may perform at this stage, will be to find out whether you have developed gestational diabetes if you have certain risk factors like raised BMI or family history.

Aside from a few essential screenings, all tests are completely optional, but it may give you peace of mind getting as much information as possible.

If you ever find yourself with high blood pressure you may need a blood test to rule out Pre-eclampsia - find out more here with The Honest Midwife.

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