The Differences of Breastfeeding My First and Second Baby


I never set out to exclusively breastfeed my second baby. When it came to my first daughter who was born three years ago, I did combination feeding. I tried to feed at the hospital but found she wasn't latching so we started on the bottle. When we got home and was in a more relaxed environment, I found that my baby did start latching and I did breastfeed a couple of times a day. Despite warnings from the health visitors and midwives about combination feeding, I found it worked well and my daughter put on weight well. As the months went by, I did breastfeed more regularly. At 7 months, I decided to stop feeding when her teeth started to arrive. As breastfeeding mums will know, there is nothing more painful than feeding with teeth! With my second daughter, I thought I would do combination feeding again. However, when my little girl arrived, she latched straight on with ease at the hospital. Now nearly 4 months later, she has only breastfed. Here are a few differences I have found between breastfeeding my first and second baby.

I don't overthink the position

I was so worried about how to latch my baby the first time round. After all, you are constantly told about the right way to feed your baby. There are pictures all over the hospital showing you the best way to latch them on the breast. If you look online, there are videos that try to explain in great detail about what works. And while this information does help some mums, I think it can be quite overwhelming. I personally found I was worrying so much about the position that I began to overthink it. Therefore, this time with my baby, I tried not to think about lining her up and just concentrated on making sure she was feeding okay. I found by doing this and not overthinking, she latched easier and we were both less stressed.

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I am less worried about people looking

One of the things I dislike the most about breastfeeding is having to get your breasts out in public. I found with my first baby I avoided feeding in public as much as I could. However, this time, I just concentrate on the fact I need to feed my baby and that's the most important thing. Therefore, I'm not as nervous about feeding my daughter in public this time around. Although I do have a great apron I bought online that does help me feel a little less exposed when feeding my daughter!

I made sure I got everything I needed to help with breastfeeding 

The first time around I didn't think much about what I would need for the nursing. But this second time around I made sure that I was ready. Comfortable nursing clothes that open easily? Nursing bras that fit properly? Plenty of snacks? Tick!

Of course, there are some things that are difficult when breastfeeding, whether it's your first or even fourth baby. Leaking is not fun when you are out and about and nipple pain (ouch) I know is an issue for a lot of mums. However, I've found it much more positive and rewarding the second time around.

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