Chickenpox: How to Deal With the Dreaded Spots

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Chickenpox season is upon us once more, but parents of the country do not fear! We have a comprehensive guide on how to cope when your little one gets itchy.

Something that needs to be remembered is that it is almost inevitable that your child will get chickenpox before the age of 10, so do not stress if it does happen, as long as you treat it properly your little one will be back annoying you in no time! Whilst they have chickenpox, your child will need to stay home and limit contact with those who have not had it before, or those who are susceptible to shingles, for as long as they have spots, and up to 5 days after they have scabbed over.

When your child catches chickenpox it can be one of the most stressful times for parents. Surprisingly, there is no immediate cure other than to just let it run its course, however, there are a few ways to ease the discomfort and prevent scarring. Some of the things parents can be most concerned by are.

  • Immediate discomfort for their child
  • Anxiety about scarring
  • Stopping their child from scratching
  • Keeping their child hydrated
  • Getting their child to rest

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Issues such as these can be stressful, however, they are easily tackled if you know how to. For example, why not try some of these options.

Make the recovery a game

An easy way to give your child a more positive outlook on getting better is by making it fun! Why not try giving them a reward for every couple of hours that they don’t scratch their spots, or let them watch their favourite TV show for a while if they go and have a nap? There are loads of little games you can play with your little one to keep them distracted, so why not think up some of your own and let us know which ones worked best for you!

Talk to some of your ‘mum friends’

As mentioned, chickenpox is an extremely likely nuisance in young children, so it is more than likely you know a fellow mum who has already gone through the same experience. This, therefore, can be a great opportunity to get some handy hints and tips as to how best to go about the recovery process with your little one, as well as being a nice opportunity to distract yourself with a little catch up with a friend!

Give yourself some ‘you’ time

Dealing with a little one 24/7 can be hellish at the best of times even before they become ill, so why not share the load a bit, maybe see if your partner can look after them for an evening or so, or even a friend, any time to yourself is absolute gold dust when raising children so make sure not to lose that when they become ill. If you or your family haven’t had chickenpox before, it is extremely contagious so there is also the inevitability that you or someone your child comes into contact with that didn’t catch it when they were young, will catch it, so also prepare for this.

Now, this is all well and good to keep you de-stressed and ready to tackle the world of ill children, but what should you actually do? Here is our top practical advice for when it comes to tackling chickenpox head on!

  • Dress your child in loose, light and airy clothing
  • In hot weather, avoid the sun. Sweat will only make the need to itch even greater
  • Pay extra attention to general everyday hygiene
  • Keep your child’s nails short and smooth, to reduce their ability to scratch at the spots
  • Use socks or gloves overnight to cover hands, stopping scratching from happening while they sleep.
  • Apply calamine lotion or aloe vera if necessary to reduce the urge for itching.
  • Give them Calpol or paracetamol to relieve any fever they may be experiencing

Despite all this advice, the most important thing I can remind you of is TLC, Tender Loving Care! Your little one is going through as much stress and discomfort as you are but they will be less able to deal with it. Make sure you are there to support them and care for them as much as you can but don’t burn yourself out in the process.

Eventually, the spots will scab over, which means GREAT NEWS! The end is near, as long as the scabs remain un-scratched, your hell will soon be over, you’ve done it! Give yourself a pat on the back and get yourself a glass of red in celebration, but just think, this is only the beginning...

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