Choosing a Baby Name


Choosing a baby's name is a really hard decision to make, it's a name they will have for the rest of their lives. Some people may have a list of names at the ready that they have liked for a long time and others may have no idea. Some people like to choose a name for their baby before they're born whereas other people like to wait until the baby arrives.

For me, I wanted to choose my baby’s name before she arrived so that I could get some personalised things for her and make my pregnancy more personal. I chose the name Amelia for my little girl and it was a name that I’ve liked for years. 

When choosing a name for my baby girl there were few things that I thought about. Firstly I thought about if the name went well with her surname because her whole name had to sound nice together.  I also thought about what nicknames I could get from the full name and what it would be like shortened. So for Amelia, we thought her nicknames could be Millie, Mimi and a few others. I also thought about how it sounded if I said the name in different ways, like if she was getting told off for example. All the things I thought about with the name Amelia just seemed perfect. We already had her middle name picked out as it was used within the family so it had some meaning behind it, so that's how we decided on Amelia Jayne.  

I personally wouldn't choose a name that was really unique or unusual but that's my own personal choice. I like the more simple beautiful names.

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Other names that I personally liked for a girl were: Lexi, Isabelle, Mia, Harper, Courtney and Sofia. If I found out that I was having a boy, I think I would struggle a lot more with thinking of names and deciding one. Some of the boys' names that I do like include: Lucas, Nathan, Charlie, Finley and Riley.

For me personally, I'm not that fussed about if the name my baby has is a really popular one or not, I don’t mind if I know someone that has that name either. The only thing I would think about is if anyone close to me has the name, for example, any close family members or friends.

I can completely understand why some parents want their children having unusual or unique names because some names are getting so popular you end up with the same name multiple times in a class at school.  I think that there are some lovely, quirky unique names out there, some that I like are: Cassia, Verity, Loretta, and Skylar. 

When choosing a baby name take your time, there are so many names out there and it can be slightly overwhelming at times. Do your research, think on a name for a while, use it in sentences. Does it sound right? How would you spell it? Even though choosing a name can be hard and take a while, it's also amazing to be choosing one of the first things for your baby, so enjoy it!

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