Cool Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home


National days of celebration come around thick and fast throughout the year. It feels like as soon as the Christmas decorations are down, love hearts are going up for Valentines Day, then flowers are everywhere for Mother’s Day. Life is full of celebrations that we often want to spend doing new and exciting things. However, it can be difficult to think of things to do in the current climate. We can’t send Dad out to get a nice haircut or go to his favourite restaurant while living through this global pandemic. So, this article will share some cool ways to celebrate Father’s Day at home, and it will feel just as special as previous years.

Put on Dad’s favourite movie

Setting time aside to organise a little cinema experience at home will be really fun, not just for Dad. You can put together a range of movie snacks like popcorn, sweets and ice cream to achieve a home cinema feel. Dim those lights, turn the volume up and celebrate Father’s Day with his favourite film. In our house, it’s a no brainer that the movie would be from the Star Wars Saga. You could even go the extra mile and get everyone dressed up as characters too!

Breakfast in bed

Such a simple, yet amazing way to start the day! Organise a beautiful plate of bacon sarnies or a cheesey omlette to wow Dad. He won’t expect it, as usually it’s the mum who gets this sort of treatment on her special day. Giving anyone the gift of a breakfast in bed will go a long way, it shows love, effort and they will definitely appreciate it.

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Set up a surprise treasure hunt

If you have organised some gifts to spoil dad this Father’s Day, why not set up a surprise treasure hunt for him to find his gifts this year? You can write down clues for him to work his way through the house to find his gifts- you can go as simple or as complex as you want with this one!

Organise a garden picnic

Weather permitting, it would be a lovely idea to get the whole family involved in an outdoor picnic. You can spend the morning baking, or get everything fully prepped and delivered to you using local resources and companies who are delivering their creations straight to your door. Get everything set up in secret so Dad doesn’t expect a thing. When the time is right, lead him outside to a beautiful picnic you can enjoy as a whole family.

Order in takeaway

If time is not on your side, but you still want to show Dad that he is appreciated, his favourite takeaway will do just the trick. Now that businesses are slowly opening again, it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down a yummy takeaway that can be dropped off or collected safely. From fish and chips to dirty burgers, I’m sure any Dad would be pleased as punch to have this little luxury this Father’s Day.

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Record a home video

I know this last one might seem a little bizarre, especially if Dad is working from home and you are seeing more of him than usual right now. But making a secret home video wishing him a Happy Father’s Day from his loved ones will be a real treat. You can get your kids to lip sync his favourite song, perform a special dance routine or go crazy and film whatever you can imagine. This will be a great memory to keep and share with others too.

However you are celebrating Father’s Day this year, make sure to have fun, think outside the box while staying inside your homes and make sure it’s filled with lots of fun for the family.

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