Deliveroo Introduces Free Childcare for Employees

free childcare hours

Food delivery giant Deliveroo has taken a big step towards enhancing the work-life balance of its employees this week by introducing 15 hours of free childcare services to their riders. The company's latest initiative aims to support its riders in managing their responsibilities effectively while pursuing the flexible work opportunities that the company offers. 

A Partnership With Bubble

Partnering with childcare app Bubble, Deliveroo is offering 15 hours of free childcare to 1,000 riders, acknowledging the crucial role care plays in the lives of many employees. Ari Last, CEO of Bubble, expressed pride in the partnership, highlighting its positive impact on riders' ability to work both flexibly and efficiently. Recognising the diverse needs of its workforce, Deliveroo also announced a collaboration with Lynx Educate to provide educational courses in areas such as business management, coding, project management, and photography.

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The Need for Improved Childcare Services

The decision to introduce free childcare stems from a recent survey conducted by the company, which revealed that a significant portion of its riders with children to look after would benefit from care support. 

Camilla Kater, Senior Vice President of Care and Rider at Deliveroo, emphasised the company's commitment to investing in its employees' future while facilitating their journey towards career advancement and work-life balance. The introduction of free childcare not only offers parents greater flexibility in their work schedules but also underscores Deliveroo's commitment to fostering employee wellbeing and fulfilment.

Growing childcare costs is an expense that people across all industries are facing. Initiatives like this are a great step being made by some companies to lessen the financial strain on employees, and allow them to better balance work and childcare.

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This comes alongside the upcoming introduction of 15 hours of free childcare to eligible working parents of 2-year-olds. For more on this and the changes set to come into force this year, read our full article here.

Or, to apply for the September instalment of the childcare, head here.

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