Diary of a Dad: Week 23 - 9 Things Being a Dad Has Taught Me


This year has been a rollercoaster for everyone (the whole pandemic thing hasn’t been ideal) and it’s really made me reflect on how much has changed for us as parents.

It never dawned on me just how much I’ve changed since I became a dad and in the strangest of ways, since having our second, I’ve really noticed it. So here are a few things that being a parent has taught me about myself.

1. I’m actually empathetic. I used to really struggle putting myself in somebody else’s shoes, but since being a dad I’ve found it a lot easier...especially when it comes to sleep.

    2. I do so much more. I think it’s because you kind of have to (keep humans alive is a busy job) but I also seem to be way more efficient with my time. It’s good! Way more productive.

      3. I don’t need an alarm. There hasn’t been a morning in the last few years that I haven’t woken up at 5 am or been woken up shortly after 5am. I’ve got an inbuilt alarm now that wakes me regardless of whether the boys are up or not.

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        4. I understand so much more of the phrases my parents said to me. It all makes sense now, I totally get it. I used to laugh at my parents, but I bet I was so frustrating as a kid!

          5. I can push myself way further than I thought. Parenting is tough and has really tested me...but I’m not broken (yet) and I’m impressed.

            6. I really would do anything for my kids. Having little ones makes you realise the lengths you’ll go to. It’s incredible really.

              7. I worry way less about things that I used to worry about and I worry way more about things I never knew about. I mean, I don’t think you’ll ever get the balance exactly right...but my goodness, your priorities change when kids come along!

                8. I really am comfortable in my own skin. There was a time where I really worried about what people thought. I’m obviously a lot more sleep deprived now, and as a result, I literally don’t care about what people think. Eye bags and all.

                  9. You never stop learning. I am a great believer in the fact that you never truly master anything fully. You can get really, really good at stuff, but you mustn’t get complacent. Having kids has shown me that the most minor variable can put you back to square one!

                    Parenting is a strange sport. You learn so much about yourself that you just didn’t know before.

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