Diary of a Dad: Week 38 - New Year's Resolutions


I’m not really one for making New Year’s resolutions because, in honesty, I’m rubbish at sticking to things. I’ll openly admit that I start with the best intentions, but I always find that I’m flagging by mid-January and end up giving up completely by February.

This year though, I’m going to give myself a few targets…I’m not calling them resolutions, I’m hoping they permeant changes.


I’ve noticed that since last year I’m a lot busier. It’s not that I’m doing more stuff for me, it’s just that it’s so easy to get caught up in work and life that you end up not really spending proper time doing anything else. One thing I feel is that I just need more time with the kids.

I know it’s such a cliched thing to say, but they’re growing up so bloody quickly. I dear our smallest was a newborn like 2 months ago…turns out he’s 2 in a month or so. It’s mad how the days turn to weeks, which turn to months and without realising a year has passed.

Making some extra time will do me the world of good I think. I don’t know anyone who looks back and wishes they spent longer at work…I know a lot of people who wish they’d spent more time with their kids!

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A bit like time, it’s so easy to get into bad habits with health. When you’re a parent, time is so tight, the first things to go are the things that you secretly don’t like anyway!

I do like exercise in fairness so it shouldn’t be too hard to get back into that…I will say however that eating healthily will be a challenge. It’s a mindset shift I suppose. I need to have a good reason to not eat literally everything. This year I’m reminding myself that I need to actually get healthy, mostly so I feel more energised and basically I last longer. I really like life!

Getting back to normal

The reality of covid is that our lives have changed (a lot) but I want to get a semblance of normality back in terms of what we do. I think we are learning to live with this virus and I really think it’s time to start doing things again.

It’d be great to get abroad and explore a bit with the boys and also start to spend a bit more time doing stuff. I know restrictions are lighter, but it’s been so long since we’ve been to a soft play or anything. There’s no real reason though besides the conditioning we’ve had through the media it’s not safe.

Being safe is so important, but I’m determined to start doing things a bit more normally again this year!

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