Diary of a Dad: Week 50 - School Checklist For Parents


There are plenty of back-to-school blogs for how to deal with your kids going back to school, but not many about the parents! |The start of September is a stressful time for parents – their kids have been bubbling all summer, you’re exhausted and you have to make sure the full brood are ready for a year at school.

The intensity is amplified by the emotion as well, especially if you have little ones who are starting primary or are very young. Your heart aches at the thought of losing them to the world, but after a crazy summer, there is a light sense of relief! September doesn’t need to be stressful though – start the year as you mean to go on.


September is a great time to look at your routines. Coping with the back-to-school rigmarole can be minimised by making sure that you get into good habits from the outset. To confirm, I don’t think there is a right routine to have as such, it’s all about what suits you all. September is a good reset time too for you to start afresh.

For us, the first thing on our back-to-school checklist is deciding what we will do when…will we stick to it? Ask me in a month!


A calendar is a really helpful little addition to add to organisation – I definitely have on the back-to-school checklist this year. You don’t realise how busy weeks get once you factor in clubs, parties, birthdays etc. and having a clear plan for your weeks and months helps no end with stress when it suddenly feels like you have no time.

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What’s needed for school

Uniform and stationery are sort of a given I suppose. Organising these as soon as possible make things smoother in September. There is nothing worse than rushing around and not being able to find uniform, or even worse, having to pay a premium for it. Make sure you get decent communication from the school and don’t be afraid to ask if you haven’t heard anything.


It’s important that you take some time for yourself in the run-up to September. Time seems to be a weird thing to include on a back-to-school checklist, but when everything starts to kick off, it’s important that you are recharged, after all, who is going to hold it all together?!


I know it can be overwhelming at times, but talking to other parents at your child’s school is really helpful before term kicks off. We wouldn’t remember half of the events that are happening without the WhatsApp group / other parents in the class.

Make the most of the last bit of the summer and take some time to get yourself ready for a bust September!

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