Difficulties in the Third Trimester


You're reaching closer to the end of your pregnancy and I bet you're feeling reflective right? Reflective of the life you're leaving behind, but also reflective of your pregnancy journey. Your body has gone through a really difficult, but inspirational time during your pregnancy and whether you've enjoyed it or not I bet there are elements of your pregnancy you'll miss... And also elements you won't miss!

With that in mind here's a tongue in cheek list of things I bet you won't miss. A list of things that instantly become more difficult in the third trimester!

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Things that instantly become more difficult in the third trimester.

1. Walking. I bet you've got the third-trimester waddle nailed!

2. Listening to your significant other.

3. Agreeing with your significant other.

4. Washing your hair in the bath. The longer your hair, the heavier & more difficult it is!

5. Coughing without having to cross your legs.

6. Sneezing without having to cross your legs.

7. Listening to other peoples labour stories.

8. Maintaining your bank balance with SO many cute baby clothes out there.

9. Making out like you're interested in something when you really aren't.

10. Shaving anywhere other your armpits. We're all embracing the yeti look right?

11. Putting on socks.

12. Putting on shoes. Don't even get me started on laces!

13. Heartburn. I bet Gaviscon is your best friend right now isn't it.

14. Closing the fridge without hitting your bump with the door.

15. Dealing with unasked for parenting advice.

16. Bending down to pick stuff up off the floor.

17. Getting through the day without needing a nap.

18. Eating a full meal. Snacks all day everyday!

19. Managing to fall asleep.

20. Actually sleeping once you're asleep!

21. Catching your own pee samples when going to midwife appointments.

22. Taming your ever-growing boobs. Those milk makers cannot be tamed! It's not possible.

23. Getting comfortable.

24. Fighting off colds. Damn you weakened pregnancy immune system!

25. Remembering to do your pelvic floor exercises.

26. Getting out of bed on a morning.

27. Finding any form of motivation to do anything.

28. Not making a groaning noise whenever your body moves even slightly!

29. Climbing the stairs without feeling a tiny skull bashing around your pelvis.


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