Easing Your Child Into Daycare after Maternity Leave


Starting daycare can be a difficult change for the whole family especially if you have a child known to have separation anxiety.

More than one introductory visit

Initial visits are really important, don’t just rely on one visit as your child needs to get used to new surroundings and people. Little things, that you may not think about, can be daunting for your little one, such as the journey from the car to the front door, the move into the building and then entering their room/space.

Routine is important

Is there a routine to the daycare day? Is there a person you can meet each time you visit to hand your child to? This is really important and becomes established as part of the routine for your little one.
Most importantly is establishing a routine about how you leave the room and stick to it every single time, even if there are distractions which can be difficult.

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Stay calm

Try not to become overwhelmed and flustered if your little one gets upset. If you feel good about the setting and your handover then you need to be confident even though it can be hard.

Recognise your feelings

Your child absorbs your energy so try to think about how you feel and recognise your feelings. Get out and go for a run or do what you do to have your time. Don’t worry about expressing your concerns to daycare staff or friends and family They can all offer support during this emotional time. 

There are going to be good drop-offs and not-so-good drop-offs. Trust your instincts and with support and reassurance from you, your little one will settle.

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