Gift Ideas for a New Mum


The dark nights have started setting in. The cold weather is coming. Some people have begun the countdown. Halloween first and then it will be Christmas before you know it. In fact, some people I know have even started asking if they can put up their tree! I remember one Christmas finding out I was pregnant and the other two I was quite heavily pregnant, but I have never had a Christmas baby. Buying a gift for a new Mum can be quite tricky but the added pressure of Christmas can make it even harder.

One of the things I really struggled with as a new Mum was sleep. Whilst it isn’t possible to buy someone sleep, it is possible to help them to sleep. For example, give them a voucher which states you will call around and look after the baby for a certain amount of time so they can get some sleep. Maybe offer to take the baby out for a walk so she can get some sleep. However, you want to present it, giving a new Mum the gift of a few hours of unbroken sleep is the best gift there can be.

In a similar way, a subscription box to a meal delivery service like Gusto or Hello Fresh or similar would also be welcomed. Not having to think about what to cook for dinner, and not having to shop for ingredients takes a weight away from new parents, not just new Mums. They can have a healthy meal that is easy to prepare.

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One of my favourite gifts was a casting voucher we were given. This wasn’t a set that we did at home but instead went to a local shop where they do casts of things such as hands and feet. The detail that has been captured is amazing and I cannot believe my children were that small. I have both hands and feet of my three children cast all at 12 weeks and 4 days old and even at such a young age, there are distinct differences between them. I knew then that my middle child was going to be tall and so far she hasn’t disappointed.

Working as a photographer I have many people who buy gift vouchers for newborn sessions as gifts for new parents. This is also a lovely way to give someone a gift that will last forever. Newborn photography captures so many of the little details that are often forgotten and when you look back on them it is surprising at how small they really were.

As a Mum of multiple children, I always appreciate it when people take the time to buy gifts for my children and whilst this is a guide for gifts for new Mums, as a Mum I can tell you that I love nothing more than seeing my children happy. I always find the gesture so wonderful when someone takes the time to include siblings, who can often feel a little left out now there is a new baby. This gesture in itself is a great gift for a new Mum.

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