Hey Mums, It's Ok If...


Sometimes being a mum can be tough, and it’s not always rainbows and butterflies (in fact let’s be honest, it’s rarely ever like that)... It’s important to keep things real and remind each other that we all go through the less glamorous/insta-worthy sides of parenthood. So, without further ado...

Hey mums, it’s ok if...

You are unlikely to ever fit back into those pre-pregnancy jeans

You have no idea how to French braid, and the fanciest you’ve managed to do your daughter’s hair for school is plaited pigtails

Your idea of a good Friday night is less PTA more BGT

You didn’t attend the NCT classes... and you aren’t a bit regretful

There is no way you will be having any more children

Your idea of crafting is washing an empty wine bottle out and sticking on some sequins and feathers to make a homemade vase

The closest you’ve come to volunteering at the school is the time you almost nodded off during an open evening and ended up agreeing to walk the children to and from their sports day

You sometimes head to the supermarket alone for a break

You didn’t buy the nursery Christmas cards or ‘graduation’ ceremony photos...

You are always that person who has to check what the homework is on the parents Facebook group

You gave up on the stay and play classes after two visits as you couldn’t stand the cliques

You can’t afford Pampers and buy Aldi’s own brand (and personally find they leak less too....)

There is never any change in your purse, meaning you rarely end up paying for non-uniform days

You’ve run out of nappies and had to resort to a swim nappy instead

Your child’s packed lunch is more ham roll and a mini roll and less bento-box extravaganza

By the time you get in from work, and the children are fed, the last thing you want to be doing is homework

Your child has been that child that puked/pooped and caused the whole pool to evacuate mid- swim

Your best friend and you bonded over a mutual hatred for the school run

There are times you have daydreamed about the days before you had children and could have a lie-in/leave the house in under half an hour/shop for yourself

You don’t remember the last time you knew exactly what was going on at the school without checking the Facebook group/website/newsletter

You didn’t have a perfect labour with zero pain relief required and in fact screamed ‘give me the drugs’ as you were wheeled into delivery..

There is always a half-eaten chocolate bar/bag of sweets/lolly in your handbag

You have sent a photo of your child’s poop to a friend and/or discussed poop whilst eating dinner at a restaurant with friends

The inside of your car resembles the aftermath of an earthquake... but messier

You have no intention of ever applying to be a school governor and quite frankly couldn’t think of anything worse

Can you relate? Are there any others you would add to the list?

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