Giving Birth During Lockdown - Reassurance For Mums-To-Be

by Jo Townsend

There’s no denying that things will be different when you have your baby during lockdown. However, there is so much scaremongering online and a lot of it just isn’t true. I had my little one in June just as we were coming to the end of lockdown and although there were a few changes to when I had my first daughter such as my husband having to wait in the car until I was over 4 cm and having to leave after a period of time, there were quite a few things that remained the same. Therefore, if you are expecting your baby, here is some reassurance that you will have your baby in as normal conditions as possible.

You can still have your birth preference

I wanted a water birth with my second daughter and it was available if I did want to use it. My little one came out quicker than I planned and we didn’t get to the room in time but I was still offered it. They were also still allowing mums-to-be home births and I know a couple of mummies who went on to have their babies at home during this pandemic. Therefore, discuss your birth plan with your midwife and feel rest assured you should be able to have the birth you would prefer.


The care was just the same

The midwives are still there for you and will offer you the same amount of care as pre-lockdown. They will still be there to support and care for you and your baby during birth and after while you stay in hospital. While they might be wearing PPE, I did forget about this when I was in labour and during my hospital stay. 

You can still take everything you need

I have read some posts online about only being allowed certain items in the hospital with you. This wasn’t true; in fact, I took more to ensure I had plenty while I was in hospital for a few days. Of course, only take what is necessary but don’t feel items have to be left at home!


Your partner can be with you during labour

When I went in to give birth, I couldn’t have my partner in until I was 4cm. But now the rules have changed so you can have one support person who can stay with you throughout your time in labour and can attend scans and visit you (depends on hospital trust). Therefore you don’t have to worry about being on your own during this time.

And remember it’s important to still ring if you are having any issues with movement or bleeding during labour or anytime during your pregnancy. The helplines are still open and your midwife is contactable even during lockdown, so don't feel like you can't contact them with any concerns.

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Jo Townsend

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