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Struggling to find something to buy your other half for Mother's Day? Whether it's their first or fifth, give the gift of everlasting memories this year with a perfectly curated, professionally printed photo book.

Tremo Books offer families the chance to preserve precious memories in the form of a high-quality photo book that can be put together and customised in just 10 minutes. Printed onto a sleek white hardback album and crisp photo paper using images from your desktop, phone and social media channels including Instagram and Facebook to bring families and parents endless joy time and time again. We had three of our resident bloggers, Abigail Stanley, Becki Pallan and Emma Longden put together a photo book each and share their thoughts on the process, the quality and their overall experience with Tremo Books. 

The first thing worth noting is how easy the ordering process is compared to other services. You simply go to their website to use their photo book building tool and connect your social media accounts or upload images from your desktop or mobile phone to post one image per page into your book. Once you've arranged the images in the order you want them, checkout is super fast and turns up at your door in no time. 'all the pictures, [are] what I selected from my own photo albums [..] the photo quality is so good, even the front is [..] very vibrant and very good quality' claimed Abbey.


'The order process was surprisingly simple. I have used sites before where I have given up after getting frustrated [..] With Tremo, everything was so straightforward and I was able to add my photos and complete my order within a short amount of time. The delivery time was pretty standard and the photo book arrived in perfect condition', commented Emma. Becki also commented on her photo book's mint condition stating 'it comes in cellophane and a cardboard sleeve, it's protected so shouldn't damage and that's the priority'. [..] The quality of the pages is great and makes the photos look lovely', which is just what you want to hear, especially when giving it as a gift.

Not only can you curate and order your favourite captured memories, but you can also choose what images are showcased on the front cover,  the back cover and give it a real 'family photo album' feel by naming the album down the spine, all printed of course, at the highest quality so you can build a collection of photos in your very own memory library.

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With so many possibilities and uses for these photobooks, it's no wonder they're growing in popularity as gifts, particularly around Mother's Day, Christmas and other special occasions. 'The books are great as gifts, keepsakes, mementoes to give your children for when they are bigger, to potentially have one for every aspect of milestones, your pregnancies, children's baby photos, your wedding, your extended families, the list is endless. Instead of a hard drive of imagery [all jumbled and uncurated], you can have a mini library of your journey' explains Becki. Whether it's an album of photos of your children to gift their grandparents, your pregnancy and birth journey for your partner to surprise you on your first Mother's Day, or a keepsake family album of each year's memories you and your family can cherish forever.

Our Bloggers give the Tremo Photobook a 5* rating and are already planning on buying more as gifts. 'The Tremo photobook has inspired me to start keeping physical records of our family memories, I would definitely recommend ' stated Emma. 'I will definitely get another when I have more photos to fill it' said Abbey excitedly. 

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